PRNC December 1st 2014.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Snowman91, Nov 18, 2014.

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  1. Anyone else got a date for this PRNC in Fareham/Collingwood?
  2. I am mate! Where are you coming from?
  3. Good times. Plymouth mate, you?
  4. I am but im in Scotland not down south!
  5. You don't count musk :p you're at Scotland not Portsmouth :p
  6. I'm so excited for it now, just filling in the extra information I need for sc so I can send that off!
  7. You haven't finished your SC yet?! Cutting it close :p
  8. 1st March, loads of time mate! It's just financial info they need and spoke to somebody the other day and as long as i'm honest there wont be a problem.
  9. I've got my prnc on the 8th December but still have not heard on my travel details from my careers advisor, should I be worrying yet or should I not expect to hear back till closer to the date?
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  10. Might be worth contacting your AFCO. When did you find out about your PRNC dates? I was phoned by my CA and asked to come in the following day to go over the details and sign all the relevant paperwork before shipping off. Then again mine was all quite rushed as I believe a few recruits dropped out as it came as quite a suprise to myself and my CA to get a date.
  11. Mine was last minute as well, supposed to be on the 23rd March but I got a call saying it's now the 1st December! Luckily everything was in order so I only needed to grab some tickets! What trade are you going for mate?

    To answer the earlier question, I'm from Kent! Sorry for the late reply!
  12. I hadn't heard a thing since I passed my SC, my CA and I were expecting Summer next year so this was definitly a shock to the system! What are you joining up as mate? Feel you're ready?
  13. Well at least thing's are moving quickly!! Only thing for me is that my joining date is still June next year, so still have quite a wait after this! I'm joining as a Sea Spec, you bud? Yeah I'm feeling good, can't wait! What about you?
  14. It's definitly gone full throttle recently! I've got a 4 month old child now, so I was having thoughts about maybe going RNR/RMR to spend more time with my wife and child but then my dates got phoned through and I'll be damned if I'm missing them :p I wish my PRNC was a week or two into December tbh so I could lose the extra weight for my BMI range comfortably, but the CA said no chance so here I am losing a stone in 3 weeks - joys! Not thinking a date would come for another 6 months, I took a bit of a break from training for parenting duties and gained a stone about 1.5 stone which is a bummer.
    I'm excited, bricking it but excited. I've never been into sports or athletics so my main worry is the run, eveything else I'm cool with. I've passed the run before so I know I can do it, it's just running in the cold is a ballache!
  15. Well there's no harm in giving PRNC a go! If you like it but don't want it to be full time, change to RNR/RMR, you can still change your mind after! With regards to the run, just train as much as you can without risking injury and then do your best on the day, that's all you can do mate. How old are you if you don't mind me asking?
  16. Yeah I'll see how it goes. Fairly confident I'll serve at least 5-7 years before considering reserves unless family circumstances change or anything. I'm 23 mate, you? Yeah I've spent the past few weeks running 4-6 miles 6 times a week in a mix of interval and normal running, and rowing 4 miles in the am most mornings. It's coming off as expected and as long as I don't revert to my former fatboy ways in the next few days I'll be fine :p Good thing I have a wife to sit on the sofa and eat chocolate in front of me as I'm doing sit ups!
    Oh odd question, what are you swimming shorts like? Don't get any ideas :p Just checking becuase the kit list says double lining not football shorts but I can't find any like that. I've got a pair that are similar to football shorts as they're the only ones I could find that have lining.
    What made you go for Seamen Spec?
  17. Sounds like a good plan mate. I'm 19, 20 the week after PRNC! You should be fine then mate! I mellowed out my training for a while but when I got my dates I ramped it up again! Haha I won't say anything ;) I have Slavenger shorts with the mesh inside so that should be suitable, I also have tight fitted shorts like the professionals use so I'll bring them too.
    I've gone for Sea Spec because it's quite a hands on role and I want to have quite a Sailor's job, e.g. driving the boats, shooting weapons, mooring, replenishment's at sea, sounds like a good experience!
    What made you go for your role mate?
  18. I wanted to blow stuff up and use giant cannons and machine guns. It's a great career etc, but mainly to fire stuff. I've never been around weapons so I figure I may aswell do something I can't do in civvie street without being arrested, hence warfare :p
    Do your shorts look like this mate?

    Saw them in Sportsdirect the other day but wasn't sure if they were okay. My afco aren't very helpful tbh. Awesome, my birthday will be during phase 2, a week after passing out phase 1. 24, and a sailor, good times!
  19. Ive got prnc on dec 1st but im at MOD Caledonia. Then my start date is 18th januray, anyone got the same dates?
  20. I'm on your PRNC mate! Where you traveling from?

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