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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Pompeyboy97, Apr 25, 2015.

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  1. Just wondering when people are going to their PRNC
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  2. I was given the dates of mine not too long ago... And its December!!! quite a wait yet!
  3. Just got my date. May 11th. It's all very rush rush.
  4. Monday! :eek:
  5. I had the choice for that one but got college
  6. September 7th!
  7. When did you all pass your pjft?
  8. Last Thursday.
  9. mines tomorrow bit nervous but very excited
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  10. September 14th
  11. And you have a date? What are you going for??
    Did mine over a month ago so still expecting a large wait.
    Anyone going for AET?
  12. Yea I'm going for aet
  13. Heard anything back about intake dates?
  14. 8th November I go to Raleigh got my date for that before I got my prnc date
  15. PRNC September 14th ! going for AET
  16. You doing it at Caledonia hughesy ?
  17. PRNC 4th May at Caledonia.. next Monday!
  18. No pal, Collingwood
  19. When's your Raleigh date
  20. 6th December
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