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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Batman1000, Feb 8, 2016.

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  1. Hi was just wondering if anyone has their prnc on the 15 of feb
  2. I do!! :)
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  3. Don't know if this is dead or not but has anyone got 28th of November (Scotland )
  4. Hi was just wondering how long did you wait to hear about an intake date after doing the pre joining fitness test I did mine yesterday and passed I wasn't expecting this week but just wondering how long you waited before hearing back from AFCO
  5. It depends on the role your going for I believe...but I found out about 6 months after so I had to re-do my fitness test.
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  6. Ok cheers mate no worries thanks
  7. Believe me it gets frustrating but just power through it...what are you joining as?
  8. Aircraft handler my whole recruitment process has gone quiet quick I've done rt,selection interview med and pre fitness test in a matter of 11 weeks
  9. I wanted to go in as an aircrewman but I f*cked up on the RT so I've gone for sea spec but the only advice I can give from experience is too power through everything and beast your training.

    I thought of my long waiting period as a test too see how committed I am, personally I think that's the best way too look at it if you ever get too a point where you question whether it's for you or not if you get what I mean.

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