PRNC - Caledonia - May 2nd


Same date as me, the course I understand usually takes place Monday till Thursday so the Monday part on your letter will be a misprint, because of the holiday our PRNC will take place from Tuesday till Friday 12pm

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You'll need to check this. The RN doesnt usually observe bank holidays. Don't suppose youll be able to get hold of your AFCO now as theyll be on leave but if PRNCs usually start on the Monday I'd be highly surprised if they started on any other day for the sake of a bank holiday.


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Very often we just crack-on regardless of Bank Holidays and in any case Caledonia is in Scotland and they have different Bank Holidays to England.

But in this case, having just checked, the join date for the PRNC in Caledonia does indeed start on Tuesday 2nd May 2017. Whoever sent the template letter forgot to change the Monday to Tuesday.


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Thanks ninja, ever the fountain of knowledge for us oxygen thieves.

I did have a waiver for PRNC then when i was having my entry brief one of the AFCO's came in with a pack saying I've literally just been allocated a place...bugger ! :D

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