PRNC briefing

Won't hurt to go formal, wouldn't bother buying new stuff especially but find a shirt, tie, black trousers and stuff. Or if youre female a blouse and skirt/trousers etc.


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PRNC tomorrow. I only did another PJFT a couple of weeks ago, did the run again this morning, just got back from the local pool. All set, with a mixture of nerves and excitement to accompany me on the long train ride.


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If it's at Collingwood then relax, I was there last week and it was really chilled out. The staff are friendly and as long as you are prepared then you will have a fun few days!

Best of luck.
I did mines at Caledonia, it was brilliant and the instructors were a great laugh.

Wear a shirt and tie and formal trousers, everyone else did apart from one guy who appeared in jeans, tshirt and trainers. The intructor pulled him into the office to have a word with him about it.

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