PRNC and injury...HELP!


I'm guna call my C.O if this situation gets any worse but I've been training really hard for my PRNC coming up in two weeks and now have a nagging dull pain in my anterior tibialis (muscle around the shin) after a mental hill sprint session. It seems minor at the moment as the pain only occurs when I'm running (high impact) but it couldn't come at a worse time! I'm not sure what to do! If after another 2/3 days rest (it's already had 3 days rest) it's not got any better is it possible to push forward my PRNC without effecting my start date at the end of April? Is this possible? (Very frustrated right now)

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You're best contacting your AFCO this next week to see if they can load you onto a March PRNC. Not ideal, but I've had potential joiners undertake PRNC with only a week or two to spare. The later you you leave it before deferring PRNC the less likely a later one can be allocated without putting back your entry date.

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