PRNC - A couple of questions!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ash891, Jan 26, 2014.

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  1. Hi

    I've got my PRNC coming up pretty shortly. I have a couple questions about it - I've used the search but I couldn't find any answers!

    1. Is there any form of Maths/English tests at PRNC (is it worth revising?)
    2. The 2.4km run at MOD Caledonia - I know it's outdoors but is it on a set route or around a field of some kind?

    Just trying to find out a little more before I head off there soon!

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  2. I did my PRNC about 13 months ago and we did do an online Maths and English test to determine what level of promotion we were educationally qualified for. But I think they might have phased that test out in favour of a different version during phase one. Nothing you'd need to revise for though if it is still the same as back then.

    The 2.4km run will be around a track or playing field depending on where your PRNC is. Although when I did it the track was frozen so we did the beep test indoors instead.

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  3. They still do that test, nothing worth revising for though.
    The run at Caledonia is on a 400 meter track. (gravel)
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  4. Thanks! How did you find the bleep test in comparison to the 2.4km run? I've not had much chance to practice the former outside of sprints in a circuit class!
  5. Best making sure you can do the run outside in good time. Gravel is slightly harder to run on i found and there is a few wind traps that take your breathe away a bit, but overall its fine, just don't stop running and you should make the time, 2 mins a lap is what i aimed for and that was plenty of time.
  6. Cheers - I'm confident I can do the run, I have been training every other day. I was asking so I could know what to expect, as I've had friends who have joined the Army tell me that they ran a set route instead of running so many laps around a field.

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  7. I have my PRNC tomorrow up at Caledonia, from what my schedule for the 4 days says, on the last day before we travel home we have a Basic skills assessment and a final one-to-one interview.
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  8. Good luck with it! I myself go to Caledonia in just over 2 weeks - I'm looking forward to it!
  9. Thankyou and good luck to you too! Whats your joining date?
  10. My date for Raleigh is for the end of April!
  11. Sounds good, well good luck to you!
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  12. anyone know which day the run is at caledonia?
  13. Tuesday I think mate

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  14. Iv literally just completed my PRNC at Caledonia,

    There are no English or maths tests so no need to worry about it,
    The running was done around a running track it had loose gravel over the top of it im not sure why which made it annoying to run on. Its just 6 laps around the track make sure you keep count as there was one person who only done 5 laps and failed the course. You get 12.16 to pass the run. I know that its more than the pass mark but its still a pass. I was like 10 seconds off the 11.13 mark so they called a few of us into the office and told us that we need to put more work into it, but not to worry too much.

    By the way don't go by the time sheet that the AFCO gave you as it was completly different to what we done. Like we had our run on Wednesday just before we went to Faslane but you do get 2 hours to get some extra sleep or talk to the guys and gals you are on the course with.

    If you need anymore info ask me i was there on the 21st of April so its still fresh in my mind :)
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  15. What ship/boat did u visit?

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  16. It was the HMS Vanguard, i was surprised that they let us go on a V class to be honest.
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  17. I done my PRNC in Collingwood!
    No English / maths tests what so ever!
    Just basic skills you need for Raleigh I assume, as well as your swim and your run!

    You'll enjoy it!
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    Evidently ^_~
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  19. Be at me toit.
  20. exJenny

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    I thort wee had bean maid too beehaive in this 4rum now.


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