PRNC 7th May 2012

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by chrisr2110, Apr 8, 2012.

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  1. Has anyone else got their PRNC on the 7th May at HMS Collingwood?
  2. bump!!!!!!
  3. Nope, have mine tomorrow!!
  4. Ok let me know what it's like and what to look out for! Thanks
  5. Have fun on it EC!
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  6. Cheers.

    Before I start a new thread does anyone know if the leave periods for raleigh break up phase one training? I'm worried I'll have a month off in the middle of phase one which would be a pain in the arse. Not drippin honest.
  7. Yes you will go home during Leave periods even if they are half way through your training.
  8. Shit... Thats a bummer. looks like ill be doing 2 weeks of basic and then off for a bit. Probably a welcome back beasting afterward too.
  9. Earlychop! U t collingswood or caledonia? When's your start date?
  10. collingwood. same as you mate 22nd july... Provided I can haul my fat arse around the parade ground 3.75 times in less than 11:38..
  11. Haha. Don't forget the extra 10% lol. There's a group on facebook if your on it that is
  12. so how was the prnc? anything to watch out for?
  13. No it's good fun! Just give it 110% all the time! Get up earlier than call the hands!!! And if you get shown how to do the ironing in the Tuesday rather than the Wednesday do your kit the same night
  14. Ok will do! How many of you are there all together? And is there any point in taking my phone charger?
  15. Yes mate u get time to use it not much but you do
  16. Ok good just my iPhone eats battery!
  17. Yea mine does too I put mine on charge each night
  18. So how many people will be on the prnc?
  19. We had 26 on ours
  20. Ohh that's cool then anyway I will probs be the oap anyway

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