PRNC 27th April ??

Hi Rosco I am also in for 27th April .I started all process from RT to pjft from beginning of January and have been allocated this date in last week of February so the process was all real quick
as I did pass everthing and on next day of medical I booked fitness test and pass in first attempt in 10:25 .The only thing which is left I guess is security clearance as it is still in progress. I am going for logisctics branch .Please share your experience and have you been given joining dates ? I was given joining dates before I received prnc date so I am pretty impressed by professionalism of my CA and response in general from RN recruitment team.
Hi falcon, yes my date for Raleigh is 26th July, I was also given my joining date before my PRNC date, I started the joining process around 7 months ago and everything went reasonably quick apart from the security vetting check, I was having a few problems with... But that's all sorted now. I am going in Mine Warfare branch. Since my PJFT back in January I have been slacking on my fitness a little bit so I need to work extra hard for the next 5 weeks to get up to scratch.
My start date is 12july.I had problem with my training as I work full time but I make sure I do at least compound circuits and short interval training every other day. Also long distance running twice a week helps as well. Lunges,burpees,overhead squats ,resistance push ups and lots of other strength stuff you can add .It is all about endurance make sure your lungs are burning and legs are punished enough and you will do fine .All the best and good luck and see you very soon.
Yeah I work full time through the day and my girlfriend works nights and we have a 1 year old baby so I find it difficult to fit in much exercise, but I manage to get a 20 minute run in most nights before she heads off to work.. Ive been thinking about starting that insanity workout DVD, ive heard its good for strength and interval training. Good luck to you too mate see you in a month.

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