Prnc 26th sept 2011

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by builderbambi, Sep 30, 2011.

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  1. Just got back from the hms collingwood prnc, really good and was an eye opener about phys to say the least, although I passed the 1.5 mile run with plenty to spare, I need to do more before basic, i just wasn't expecting the long warm up before the run, it took just about every one by surprise, 4 people failed the course and one got a phone call about half hour after the course from his afco telling him they have taken his date away. It was good that most of the course had the same date as me, so I already know a good few people before I get to basic, also they give you new boots when you leave to break In before basic.
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  2. Thanks for telling us how it went and the little bits that someone like me waiting can take away and learn from, Well done on passing the run.
  3. It's only 2.4k FFS. Not really a great achievement is it.
  4. No your right but some people still don't manage it, crazy isn't it.
  5. To be honest the circuit session you do on the Wednesday is harder than the run, that also comes with a bit of a warm up to say the least, the game army RAF navy is very funny!
  6. Lol they did the same circuit that i did a few weeks ago. :p One guy was sick after that. 100% pass rate on my course though. Although a few literally had seconds to spare.
  7. Alright mate, I was on the course (Tom Davies Jnr) enjoyed it and I now know what I need to improve before raleigh in February. I don't think it was just the 2.4 km that caught people out it was the warm up before people were getting tired before we started :sleepy2:.
  8. sounds like the warm up will be harder than the run.

    How did you fare with running on their track vs a running machine?
  9. I actually found it easier. You've got visual goals when running outdoors with others. I just picked up my pace by picking off the people in front of me. Managed to beat my best time by 10seconds doing that. 9minutes 22seconds i'm down to now. I'll have that down to under 9minutes by the time i get to Raleigh. One guy on our course did it in 8.24. That guy was literally flying.
  10. LOL I will never be able to run it in less than 10. I just can't run well.
  11. 8.24 that guys a beast.. im going on my prnc on monday got my run down to about 9.30 average should do better on the course with the competetive edge. any tips for teh course?
  12. That's cheating.
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  13. In that case he should have been disqualified!!

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