Discussion in 'The Corps' started by crazychris84, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. Good day all!

    Last year I was unsuccessful at army officer selection and am due my next attempt in this new year. I have enquired regarding joining the TA and have my 4 Para 'look at life' shortly. Ok so theres the story so why RM? Well I have decided that the military is for me, and if officer selection doesnt go well I am strongly considering joining the RM.

    Can anybody tell me how long it takes to arrange a PRMC date? And then to actually get on a PRMC? If you pass PRMC how long is the 'pass' valid for?

    I figure that if I am able to pass PRMC swiftly I will lose less time, being 22.

  2. well, prmc takes around 2 months on average from starting the application, to actually getting to lympstone. it varies depending on demand etc.
    applying around the time the school year finishes will probably have a long wait, because all the year 11s and sixth form who want to join the RM will also be applying around that time.

    if you pass PRMC you are given a sign up date, between 8 - 12 weeks away, according to the navy site.

    also remember that being a marine isnt like being in the army.
    from what iv seen, the finished fitness level after basic army training is not that far from the fitness levels required to pass the PRMC.

    hell, 40, 42 and 45 commando units are like 800 strong each, whereas the army has a hell of a bigger force.

    please dont take this badly, but if you fail army officer selection, it is a good hint that you will struggle on the PRMC. obviously there can be exceptions, but the RM requires real strength of mind and determination from all members. it is sold as an elite force, and if you look at the difficulty of training and the commando tests, it is no suprise why the RM have so few deaths and serious injuries in battle.

    i think you seem to be misguided about the RM, as it is in no way an easy option should you fail in the army officer selection.

    not only is it hard, but from what iv heard, its not just as simple as being able to do all the exercises at home in comfort.
    you get well and truely put through the ringer. half the selection is not about the number of press ups you do or anything like that. its more about how far you can push yourself once your knackered, aching, in pain, and low on morale.

    you would get credit for injuring your leg in a run, but getting up and gritting your teeth and still running as hard as you can, even if you did it in a longer time then the others.
  3. Chris, thanks for your reply mate but I think that you are some way off the mark with your comments.
    Army Officer selection is NOT based around fitness. It is assessing your potential to LEAD. Therefore I could be super-fit and mega-determined yet fail officer selection, and so to suggest that if I fail officer selection I will probabily fail AACC is an obsurd suggestion. For all you know I could be fitter and more determined than the average RM.
    Believe me I am in no way misguided about the enormous challenge is it to become a Royal Marine Commando (Having 2 currently serving Marines in the family). I consider myself to have an excellent level of fitness and great character and I the fact that I as a graduate have motivations to join the RM as a marine shows that it is a coveted life I am striving for.
    Just to prove my case, I have attended the RM potential officer course at CTCRM (which is considered much harder than PRMC, and understandablely so), and managed (just!) to pass.
    Otherwise Chris some good, imformative comments and I welcome more! Cheers

  4. Alright mate

    Was just curious why your opting for 4PARA instead of the RMR? Surely if your keen to join the Corps, the RMR would be the way to go?

  5. Spenny you alright mate?
    I'm lookin at both the TA and RMR. Unfortunately I missed the previous RMR intake and I'm told there isnt another (London) for a while. I have a close look at both though.

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