hi everyone, very new to all this so if this goes to the wrong thread or whatever I do appologise, was just wondering, I have passed my PJFT and heading down to CTCRM for PRMC on the 1st November, was wondering if anyone on here is going on that PRMC, or had any advice, also I am very intrested in what people's run times are and what training they are doing because I have very little to compare my own too, so want to see if I am where I think I am in terms of fitness, if that makes sense any replies would be appreciated!


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I already have signed up ninja but the confirmation email won't come through no matter how many times I request it! Seriously frustrating
Look in your junk or spam mail folder. Failing that, PM the username & I'll manually activate.

There are ten users with @Jordy somewhere in the username on the website, all appear to have completed registration at least a month or so back, so I'm guessing you registered under a different username to the one here.

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