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Prize Money

With the full might of a Royal Navy destroyer looming over it, the skipper of the little yacht Tortuga had little choice but to surrender.
HMS Gloucester had been called in to intercept the yacht in the mid-Atlantic which was carrying £4million worth of cocaine.
The destroyer, which was diverted to assist while heading south to the Falklands, was helping a law enforcement team from Cape Verde in the early hours of Friday.

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Good Result, which raises the serious Question:

Are RN crews involved in such operations still entitled to any 'prize money' these days?


Lantern Swinger
They are but thats only after they have sold it on the streets cos at the mo it is not worth anything! once thats done then they go down the ships office and sign for their cut of the money. :wink:


War Hero
Well i got given chuff all when the cumberland busted drugs a couple of years ago, not even an ounce. quite gutted to be fair
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