Privatisation of the WE Branch?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by digger84, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. As advertised today,

    Therefore your parts of this role will be as follows:-

    • To work as a civilian Engineer on RN vessels and to support maintenance in UK waters.
    • To assist with defect diagnoses and repair, both while operationally at Sea and alongside in port.
    • To support equipment while vessels are alongside in maintenance and refit periods.
    • To be part of the team providing on going support 24/7 365 days a year.
    • Deployments will be on a 4 months on 4 months off programme which aligns with the RN.
  2. A non story! I was fulfilling that role as part of T42/CVS support under the auspices of Yarrows/GEC/Ferranti/BAE (overall company changed on a regular basis!) 20 years ago, as were many other ex RN WE types.
  3. I think this is a bit different than 20 years ago. Having spoke to the HR dept, you are expected to be a section head with RN working beneath you.
  4. Is there an age limit?

    Where do I sign?

    Will I get 'home to duties' from Spain?

    I don't think my certification for 'WNBS'* has gone out of date.

    * - WNBS = willy nilly board shuffle
  5. SB are you mad? You fancy taking on the like of 2076, where WNBS don't work very well and even the design company engineers admit they could not cover the whole system?
    I take it this is to plug the gap of to many leaving and constantly messing around with the engineering branches

    If I was to volunteer for that and they took me, as soon as I got down the boat they would hang the last man out talley around my neck. Is this to supplement the maintainers or replace senior maintainer, thus screwing up the watch and station bill?
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  6. Sumo, this is I believe to fill the gaps in manning!!!! It will only be on GS.

    Details are..........
    25 Days leave, plus 1 week for every month on a ship.
    £40 per day sea pay.

    Curently only in British Waters doing 4 months on 4 months off, see how long that lasts until the ''contractors'' are sent to a warmer climate!!!!!!!
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  7. Blimey they want their monies worth, a pay cut and sea time, sod that, sounds like far too much work.
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  8. Where will these civies be messing, chiefs mess or bun house?
  9. If they're going to be section heads it won't be wardroom status.
    Might even be PO's mess :eek:
  10. I'd love to know the fine details of all this - it's got me intrigued.
    Will they do DWESR?
    Divisional responsibilities?
    Action stations role?
    Will there be a civilian Captain of the Turret? o_O
  11. Slim. Due to branch restructuring onboard, PO's are section heads and you have CPO's as group heads.

    Ballistic, I can't imagine a civvy taking on a divisional role. That will fall to the group heads.

    I have heard they will be treated to the privileges of a SR.
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  12. I think this is part of the drive to get ships to sea, in a reduced requirement, so we can cycle people through basic taskbook training. Do we need a CoT if the ship is concentrating on getting ET(ME)s through MEMOC, and ET(WE)s through basic TBs - no. Indeed, if we want to prioritise our remaining SR ETs on platforms that are having an effect (i.e. deploying/UK running etc), then we can't do everything. I suspect a lot of the secondary duties will be either gapped (i.e. no State 1 requirement) or passed across the rest of the ship (OsOW used to be DOs to OMs working WE part of ship, so why can't they be DOs to ET(WE)s?). There is a move to reduce the duty burden alongside - we've all complained that a lot of the Duty Watch are there to oversee the equipment that is left on to keep the ship habitable, so if we turn off (or remove) stuff that needs a SR to be duty for it, can a LET do the job?

    It also needs to be seen in the context of people not deploying for 16 months after their 9 month trips; SRs will not be bounced from deployer to deployer to deployer. We've already kept at least 2 ships alongside that were materially ready to go to sea, but we were short of people. Instead of dragging the people away to fill the gap at very short notice (which we did do previously), our Lords and Masters kept the ship alongside. I think that has to be a positive thing.

    Basically, the RN is f*cked, and we can't jog on normally, so we need to do best effort where we can, and acknowledge that there are things we can't do in other places. I've heard this direct from Vice and Rear Admirals.
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  13. As a field engineer with British Waste of Space I enjoyed Wardroom status (though I used to do most of my socialising in the chiefs mess) Even the lowest dockyard matey when at sea was given CPO status.
    Do they really think that civies are going to go to sea as section heads living in the POs mess?
  14. On that pay scale yes, plus a T45 is a combined WO/CPO/PO mess.

    Status isn't everything.

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