Privatisation of S and S

scousesubmariner said:
whitemouse said:
What's up wheelspanna - Dusty give you the wrong size uniform, or Chef not give you enough chips ?

Or are you a failed Loggie applicant ?

whitemouse don't rise to it mate i know wat he is like
which is why i tipped the wink... !! Besides which I left a long time ago, and am now too long in the tooth to bite ........ :p
wheelspanna said:
Would this prove more efficient than what we have at present ? Would it be viable?
Wheel Spanna (Are you a Spanish Stoker?)

As W-Mouse has said often Stores are for storing things, not to hand them out to any Tom, Dick or Harry who comes along with a chit. They are not for the likes of Stokers, Sparkers, Dabtoes, Greenies or other sundry folk. If they were thay would be called "Issues".

FFS EFFICIENT. God man, you will want a LWE with a make and mend next.


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