Privatisation of Armed Forces Recruitment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, May 6, 2009.

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  1. This is just a plain stupid idea. Why would any young lad or girl go to a Recruitment Office to speak with someone who has no affiliation to the RN, Army, Air Force or Marines to find out what the job is like.

    Roll on, what plonker came up with this one.
  2. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Sadly I smell another ill conceived money saving attempt probably driven by a poorly thought through corporate outsourcing initiative.

    Much of what we do in civvy street to streamline and improve business is good stuff, sadly it's not all transferrable; knowing when to draw the line seems to be a forgotten skill. Aside from the potential financial benefit of this I would love to see how this meets the business need of the Armed Forces and just how that has been communicated in the business case.
  3. It's about outsourcing the back office, marketing and indirect contact, not the front desk AFCO. Much of that is already done by the private sector anyway so it's mainly an effort to consolidate which will realise some efficiencies, particularly if some of them need renewed anyway.

    The email and phone contact is already handled by a direct marketing company, the marketing is done by a different company.

    The main thing that's still being done in-house is the management of the testing, and that's essentially a transactional process that can quite easily handed off.

    From what I've seen there is not suggestion that front desk and decision making is being handed off.
  4. It's a slippery slope though, isn't it? Privatising the "front desk" might sound like a stupid idea, but I really wouldn't put it past the current crop of civil servants.
  5. i remeber a few years back on 899 when a load of civvies arived to spend a day ay VL. They I later found out were all going to be working in Job Centres recruiting for the armed forces.
    As it never happened due to being a shit idea, Moron Brown's chums have prob thought best try again!!!!
  6. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Not so bad then, maybe a civilian company won't lose the names and addresses of all their recruits 8O

    Seriously, I'm assuming this has been released in the MoD DC Bulletin with a better description of exactly what services are up for grabs?

    I made a hypothetical application to the RAN about 8-9 years ago, initially my queery was dealt with by a WO, then he palmed me off to a civvy company whose name I forget and it all went very quiet, the WO got back in touch with the opening line "don't worry about the civvies I put you in touch with, they're not f*cking up any more applications and I'm back in a job" It seems it didn't go very well.
  7. I'd expect that the bidders day on the 28th May will have more depth, but the bulletin, in amongst all the various codes, was quite clear. What wasn't clear was what happens to the existing contracts, they may novate or they may be allowed to run down, it really depends on how the contract looks.
  8. Privatisation! Just what you could expect from this sorry excuse for a Labour Government.
  9. Having read that i am gladi am heading for the knackersyard its just like everhing else .I am glad i was born when i was and wont be around much longer

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