Private Security Firms Poaching Elite Troops

Blackadder D25

Actually!! most security firms out there which are british ( about 120 & growing )are mostly started and run by ex marines and matlows 3 of my mates do it 6 on 4 off an bring back bout 8 grand every trip as team leaders and they usually hav a 3 day stand off in one of the company's 2 villas, pretty regular fire fights too so they usually get home and spin their dits about leaving a few "floaters" off somalia lol
T'was ever the same.

Ex forces personnel have filled the ranks of top security firms (and shit ones) for decades. SAS/SBS/Marine/Para etc. I think there maybe more ex SAS/SBS/Marines/Paras who have served with a security company than with the colours.


Morning all, Im new to RR and have recently had some great advice from Ninja Stoker. I left the RN in Jan 2011 as a Killick CIS having served for 10 years.

I was lured by the world of private security having met alot of security guys in Afghan on an op tour. I completed my close protection course in Nov 2010 in Hereford and was made a job offer and joined a close protection team in Afghan Feb 2011 on a high profile contract. There are so many contracts out there and not only is the pay going down but the industry is full of people looking for work already qualified up.

Wet Blobby, you are right majority of personnel in hostile environment are ex Para, Marine and other infantry. Competition to get on a contract is high and to be honest as an ex killick I was surprised I got onto one out here! Quite alot of ex SF guys have set up their own company, many did back when this industry was new, raking it in and now letting the money roll in or taking on the odd one or two contract looking after tv crews etc

Some contracts look enticing offering anything from 5K a month plus, but not all contracts are paid on leave. Every company offers different things. There's a company who gave the teams old rusty AK's and soft top vehicles. Some maritime contracts are for example a months long. 9/3, 8/4 a friend of mine is on 6/6 however your then into the tax bracket. I recently saw an advert for a job in Syria for 3 months.... unarmed!!....

I've been in Afghan over a year now, and as with any company there are pros and cons.

I'm back home in May and will be taking a trip to my AFCO and requesting to re join. (I know im going to get some stick for this!) Its been an interesting 13 months here in Afghan but, and im going to say it.. I miss everything to do with the RN! This is just a job and the RN was a way of life!

I've been reading various posts, if anyone has any advice / success on re joining let me know. On the other hand if anyone on here is considering this line of work and has any questions feel free to get in touch.

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