Private sector security!

Private sector attempting to carry out the big boys jobs and not coming up with the goods,

British security guards jump ship to escape Somali pirates - Africa - World - The Independent
That incident was in November 2008.

Since utilising armed security guards, no vessel has been hijacked with a team onboard, not one out of scores of attacks. How then do you figure that these companies are "not coming up with the goods"?

You got any better solutions?

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So where in the article does it say 2008?

3 x guys to defend a boat and they leave it! Not altogether a success. Or do you consider leaving your contracted obligation a success? In my days in the mob not completing a tasked objective was considered a failure.


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So where in the article does it say 2008?.
in the same line as the authors name....

Despite how it appears I don't believe we can make a realistic assessment of their options. If as it seems they'd been pi$$ing off the pirates for some time and then realised it was a lost cause they probably had good reason to fear for their lives, after all once onboard the pirates want compliant hostages not three guys who will push back at each and every opportunity
Next to the journalists name.... November 2008.

Nobody is going to disagree with you about that failure, that incident however was nearly 4 years ago when the PMSC response to piracy in the region was still in its infancy.
Do a bit more digging mate and you will find that vessels carrying armed guards has been so far, not the long term solution, but a success nonetheless.

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Gotcha with the date, it's greyed out and I missed it. (Put it down to old eyes).

And fair point regards current success rate.

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