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Discussion in 'UPO' started by Haggis_Catcher, Nov 10, 2011.

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  1. Would any of you fine people know if you have a privately rented home over 50 miles from base if I would be entitled to any money at all or am I just hearing gash dits in the crew room.
    cheers in advance Haggis.
  2. Why would me having a rented home entitle you to money?
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Use my address if you want to mucker, I'm in New Zealand, rented home etc. You'll be quids in.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Have to say the force doesn't feel particularly strong on this one unless it's your family home. Those awfully nice people in the RAF (well, it is Armistice Day) have thoughtfully put the allowances JSP in the public domain (JSP 752): RAF Community - Pay, Allowances & Pensions
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I think he's talking about an allowance the military pay out Ninja, not sure if the RAF qualify for that.
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  6. Yes, you should get Get You Home (Travel). Just need to take your Council Tax Bill, The Rental Agreement, a Utility Bill and a copy of your best mates dogs death certificate to the UPO to prove that your not lying to them.
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  7. Guzzler do you ever think to answer an op with anything constructive? That's three posts now I have seen you come out with an inane post, I really think you should channel your crap more positively I dread to think what your role was when serving hopefully not a DO
  8. Its called banter and having a sense of humour Jenny. Part of the Navy apparently... ;-)
  9. Haggis

    If you travelled daily from your privately rented residence to you place of duty you would be entitled to Home to Duty Travel (Private). This would be capped at 50 miles minus a personal contribution of 9 miles each way, so effectively you would be entitled to claim 82 miles for a return journey.

    To commute more than 50 miles daily would require permission from your CO i.a.w JSP 752 Chapter 4 Section 13 Para 04.1314 (b).

    If you don't commute daily you would be entitled to Get You Home Travel which is in Chapter 5 of JSP 752.

    Hope this helps

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  10. Short answer, yes.

    At the risk of causing a shitstorm, married personnel don't lie and can have it started immediately (Refers to PMP for proof, an established family home doesn't require it apparently), whereas if you're single, then you like to lie and have to prove you financially maintain it.

    Some UPOs insist on proof, so run it by them as to what they require from you. Council Tax is usually a given, then any two other parts. Some even want a 4th bit.

    As an aside, as an oddity, all personnel (Married or no) who live in private housing/flat/cardboard box have to provide proof that they reside at that addess to qualify for HDT (Private).

    A marriage of convenience and then burying the body in the woods might be the way forward.
  11. I'm all upset now.
  12. Not true about married people don't require it, I have had to still provide proof at every UPO since being married

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  13. The only time I got away without proof was on a 2 week course in Sultan. I think it may be something to do with if it's your Permenant Duty or loaned for courses etc.
  14. I can absolutely assure you that, if you apply the JSP 752 word for word, when you're PS1 or 2, it makes reference to maintaining a family home. The ONLY reference to providing any proof is for a Privately Maintained Property. This did actually cause issues in claiming HDT as well.
    If you really need to read it, find the HDT reference in the 752 and you want either paragraph 23 or 24. It literally says just to secure proof of residence, why this can't be used for GYHT, I have no idea, but that's way above my pay scale.

    This only cropped up because it was a T23 which actually pointed this out. To my knowledge there has been no CPR correcting this yet, but I did also point out that UPOs do pretty much do their own thing.
    Some still make reference to JSPs which are anywhere near 4 years out of date and I don't kid on that either.

    It's partly so we can cross reference everything according to JPA, which is truly the best system ever designed and never causes any pay issues with the pay runs. Ever.
  15. Guzzler was my DO and a bloody good one he was too.

    When I went to the table for being shiters and the skipper asked if I had any mitigation, he simply piped up with: ''Your mum.''

    Likewise when I put in my request for a new DO, the chit came back with ''your mum'' written on it in red cinograph.
  16. He did that to you to??

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