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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Big_e, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. does the rn offer ratings opportunities to gain a ppl? or have flying clubs or schools?
    my father told me the crabs flying clubs were snobby, and only officers were welcomed..
  2. :roll: :roll: Might be the same in the FAA :wink: :wink: :wink:
  3. In a word, no. If you want to gain your PPL you will have to go down the same route as every other civvy.
  4. The RN paid for me to get most of my ppl with a Flying Scholarship whilst I was still at school. These still exist but don't provide nearly enough hours any more. Alternatively, and this is a long shot, my current employer has a flying club and is not at all fussy about which type of employee joins. We even let cabincrew learn to fly!
  5. But the question was, do the navy allow 'RATINGS', ie serving sailors not students at school.

    In short 'no', the navy does not support ratings to gain their PPL.

    That would have to done at your own expense.

    If you wish to fly in the RN go pilot. If you are a serving rating then go talk to your DO. But don't listen to your dad. He like us, will be a has been, once was. Will be out of date with current rules and regulations.

    Get formal advice and not blather like on these unofficial boards.
  6. thanks for replies,

    im not serving at the moment i join in may, the ppl wasnt for a career, just for a hobby.

    i didnt really ant to join as pilot, also i have VA3 eyesight.
  7. There you go waspie, did not think for one minute the questioner was serving. Hence my answer. Thanks for that.
  8. My mate an exrating did his ppl in the USA over a number of years going on holiday to Florida or California for a two week holiday and cramming as much flying in as possible its much cheaper to do in the USA plus you have plenty of good weather.After a spell unemployed he got a job flying with loganair to the outer isles in scotland and now flyes for easyjet.
  9. A few ex crewies in the late 80's early 90's did this. Ended up getting enough hours to qualify for their CPL and ended up with cool flying jobs. Lucky bar stewards.
  10. How hard is it for an officer pilot to get their PPL whilst in service? Also if you're a helicopter pilot how difficult is it get a fixed wing PPL whilst flying helicopters?
  11. Correct me if I`m wrong, but don`t Pilots get their wings flying fixed wing before they go onto Helo`s.
  12. You do EFT on fixed wing before learning helos, but you don't get your wings until you graduate from your OCU. I was just wondering how hard it was to fly both at the same time.
  13. During your service it has to be done at your own expense, I'm not sure if you get any credit with the civvie exams.

    During resettlement there is a route to gaining your CPL based on previous experience and creative use of the funding available helps reduce the cost to the individual.
  14. how hard it was to fly both at the same time.

    I think that I will give that one a miss.
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    A friend of mine was a WAFU helicopter pilot, came out and did a conversion course and now does the long haul routes with Virgin, until recently he was also doing helo. flying time out of Yeovilton on his days off, I believe as an Instructor, I'm not sure when he did the fixed wing bit though
  16. Thanks guys! I don't plan on jacking it in anytime soon but always good to know what your options are should things go mammaries uppermost
  17. No probs PM Fred Karno :wink: :wink: Couldnt resist Hig :roll:
  18. Always wise.

    The hardest thing about the PPL talking to a few that have the license, is the ground school work. Radio procedures, navigation etc. Most air traffic agencies you talk to on your jaunts around the clouds are civilian so you will get the radio 'patter' easily.

    Civilian aviation is different in that you will have to comply with CAP or the Civil Air Pilot, much the same as Military Flying Regulation.

    As a qualified Pilot in the military you should have many if not all the requisit training to make that a doddle. Concetrating on the civvie aspect of aviation.

    I did an Advanced Air Operation course when I left the MoD, I got a by on a few of the tests which entitled me to skip the basics, so there are/is leeway when taking civvie aviation courses.

    Good luck.
  19. Concentrate on getting your Mil wings first, trust me you'll be too busy to worry about PPL. As to Commercial flying, when you've got the hours required you can do a bridging package designed for Mil Pilots which saves you a fortune. Costs about £1000 (roughly) but without an instrument rating, so you end up with a CPL as opposed to an ATPL.
  20. Thanks Waspie and timex! Don't worry, I'm definitely going to concentrate on getting my mil wings first and plan on making as much use of them as I can but it's always good to know where you stand. Plus it's also good to know if I decide I want to fly in my spare time too. What little I'll have of it anyway!

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