Private Messages (65535 New)!!

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by soleil, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. According to the top right hand part of my screen, I have 65535 New Messages!

    Is this happening to anyone else?

    I've seen this problem mentioned before, but don't know what causes it.

  2. Its called popularity Sol. just popularity. :wink: :D
  3. Sol,

    Check again - Surely it should be 65536? 8O

    That would include the one I've just sent....
  4. No need to show off it's quality not quantity......apparently 8O
  5. So why don't you answer them?
  6. mm that's not fair. I have not got 66535 messages. I feel really left out now :(
  7. Are any of them from a long lost nigerian cousin needing help to collect lottery winnings?
  8. I've only got 65533
  9. Looser :D
  10. Actually, mine has adjusted to that number now.

    How strange.
  11. Did you get my PM?
  12. Yes, I did. Thank you.

  13. I've had 4 PMs and I have been a member for just over a year. I'm catching up with you Sol.

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