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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Nutty, Mar 5, 2006.

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  1. For all you boater type people perhaps you should read the Thread on Private Forums on the Fleet Air Arm Section if you have not done so.

  2. Will do , cheers nutty !!!
  3. Nutty i had a look in to it , i dont think we require a closed forum with
    us dirty smelly submariners do we ? . Lets build up our membership before we even think of doing such a thing and even then i think not .
  4. Nutty,if you want a private d/e forum why don't you do it on the Barrow or Dorset ones?Give this one a chance.I know that this one has a lot more exposure which is why you want to go private.You talked about pprune on one of your other posts and its' private forums.I am a member of one of those and i can tell you that the content is not exactly cintillating-it is just private company stuff,usually nothing terribly exciting,that comes out in the open shortly afterwards.That BB is due to be re-organised shortly.The private portions may even disappear if they do not get enough hits.As the whole board depends on advertising revenue an area with a low amount of hits is always first for the chop.I am sure the owners of this site have a similiar policy.If you do eventually get something up and running please pm me as I would like to be included.Give my love to Gwen next time you pm her.Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells
  5. The last thing I want is ANY private forums. Thats what my posts say if you read what I have said on the FAA thread. I agree with you totally

  6. Bloody good idea, IMHO. All you submariners can loiter in there, in one big, moist, daisy-chaining cluster, playing computer games, swapping donkey-porn and gnawing on each other´s twinkies.. :D
  7. Bernie the guy who told you we play computer games was telling porkies.

    We're all good friends in boats
  8. Read it and posted my views. I don't think that this should happen as they cause a dvide.
    At least it has caused a talking point and some people to react and post, me included.
  9. Hold on! I thought this was a Submariner's forum.

    Methinks the skimmers are coming in because their one isn't as popular.

    Anyway, who would want to munch a twinky that hasn't been washed properly for three months?
  10. We've got nothing to hide so why would we want a private forum ? Methinks, these Airies are the same ones who don't want the ID cards.

    Guilty conshence or somfink to 'ide, innit

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