Private Ad rejects!

After reading a thread in lil's about an Officer desperately seeking something in the 'private eye', I thought i'd have a skeg at this infamous paper. Only to find ads, such as the below;

Rat of a husband trying to put nurse/ wife,3 kids out of house. Please help. need £15000. Barclays s/c20-83-50. a/c 10129984
Professional couple four children about to lose family home both just made redundant need £35k. Desperate. 20-56-56 A/N 90029556
Wits' end. Savings gone. Kids hungry. Help! S/C 11-06-97, Account 00258971.
poor,talented musician needs £7,300 for music therapy training. [email protected], 403534, 81838261
Are these idiots for real? Hell, this is sinking lowest of the low, is it not?

More of this
Erm, JD are you joking mate?

Those ads and others have been running for years , I used to read the eye when I was at school and they were in it then!
They aren't real ads mate!
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