Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Greendeath, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. I watched a programme last week about American prisons, where hard labour is hard labour and hard time is hard time. They even brought back the chain gangs. Yet in this country, the prisons are overflowing and their time is often spent playing Pool, Table Tennis or watching television etc.

    Personally, I think the deterrent needs to be stronger, although I know the problem is far deeper than this.

    What's the general opinion on how prisons should be ran these days. Does anyone think our system is suitable for the current time?


  2. I think television license dodgers should only be allowed to play Table tennis and pool but not to watch television. That may make them think twice!
  3. Posted in wront section matey, and i beleive in capital punishment ;)
  4. Watched same prog mate. Yes the govt should make time inside hard and not pander to the drips of the incarcirated, they are crims and if they have done the crimes then they should expect to pay for them and not have an easy time of it.
  5. Whilst doing mlaw degree in the mid 90's i wrote a thesis on this subject, the deterant would be hard labour, but unfortunalty the European laws do not allow it....Fecking Nancy's
  6. Surely if you studdied law you realise the real deterrent is detection and conviction not prisosn. If the b*st*rds don't think they are going there prison is no deterent.

    Having said that I have no problem with prisoners being obliged to work a normal day to help defray the cost of keeping them there, but if we want to cut crime we need to convict more of them faster
  7. Can i ask if any of you have ever been into a prison as a guest or otherwise??? I occasionally get to see what they are about in my work and i certainly wouldn't want to be locked up in a cell for hours on end. Also. I personally havent seen TV (Sky etc) in the cells just a bed and their personal effects!! However i do agree that a "chaingang" systen would certainly make people think twice about breaking the law again!!!
  8. I worked in the Prisons during the prison officer strike in 1988. At that time the military police from all services were deployed into them until the strike was resolved. You could feel the tension amongst the prisoners and drugs were rife amongst them. Additionally, they were given plasic cutlery to eat with, so they couldn't use them as weapons. However, they used to get boiling water to make tea with and if anyone peed them off they used to throw it over them!!

    Even back then, they did have all kinds of privilages, such as learning new skills, a gym, televisions, pool tables etc.

    I think the difference between a civilian prison and a military one is that your feet don't really touch the ground in a military prison. Maybe they should adopt the military approach.


  9. I worked in the biggest lifer prison in europe for a period of time, its complete bullshit, there allowed TVs, Game consoles, designer clother alost anything you can think of, it's complete shit, they should feed the bastards bread and water and keep them in a smalled cell with 1 stone bed and a manky toilet with skidders round the basin stinking the shit out of the cell.

    Or capital punishment.. :toilet: :tp:
  10. Trouble is Maxi the [email protected] dont give a stuff about detection & conviction to them its a badge of honour.

    Hard labour over a shorter sentance, longer if re-offend, prisoner should be educated to a GCSE standard prior to release. ( if mentally capable)

    Basic food min calories, shite cell, with a stinking bog with a whaft of shite running through the sparcly heated cell block.

    No tele, no radio, no video/computer games. just graft, eat , sleep, education.

    Criminals should have the shite time they deserve
  11. Im a Barrister in Law.
  12. I pay my licence fee but mainly listen to vinyl* and BBC Radio's 3, 4 and World Service.

    *Vinyl - for all you youngsters here under the age of 40, this was the medium upon which music recordings were purchased before CDs ruined the concept of good stereophonic sound and substituted bland, flat sound instead. If you' only listen to music on a MP3 player, this will all be a mystery to you! :lol: Get over it :twisted:

    This is a record... :biggrin:


    This is a cartridge (which translates the grooves on the plastic surface of the record unto electricity...


    Connected to a tonearm, which affects the quality of the sound in the way is interacts with the cartridge...


    Fixed on a a turntable - which is basically a transport.....


    Connected to a Phono pre-amplifier...


    Connected to another pre-amplifier...


    Connected to a power amplifier...


    Connected to a pair of speakers (in stereo) or a single speaker (in mono)...


    And you have QUALITY SOUND......

    ...And have taken out a SECOND MORTGAGE to pay for it :lol: :oops:
  13. As many have noted, prison must be a deterrent. The only way to sort the problem is:
    1. get rid of do-gooders like the prison reform trust - or what ever the lefty softy's are called.
    2. build more prisons
    3. give longer sentences
    4. get the b#ggers turn-to, 12 about.
    Any second or re-offence should carry double the sentence.

    The voice of reason speaks.
  14. I don't doubt some of them will claim their time inside as a badge of honour, but if they were found guilty more often they would not be outside to boast about it, that is the point. It is equally interesting to observe that many criminals will do anything to avoid detection even murder, perhaps that does indicate that for some at least the though of X years as guest of HM is a deterent already. Too many people today get away with too much, whether it is speeding, getting punchy drunk at the weekend, buying booze under age, or anything else you care to mention.

    Until we sentence more of the criminals prison will not be a significant deterrent because if they think they won't get caught what threat is it. As it is a significant number of those in prison don't function on our logical level either through mental ilness or drugs, too many of the ones who are sane and clean get away with it every time, they are the ones you need to get behind bars.
  15. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    1. The malign lefties that are wrecking our society are fond of asserting that prison doesn't work because recidivism rates exceed those for people given 'community "penalties"'. Said lefties conveniently ignore the fact that magistrates and judges are bound by such strict rules that only the very worst offenders are allowed to be given custodial sentences. Once these hard nuts get to chokey (1) they have too easy a time and (2) they only serve half (less remand time!) of the sentence they have allegedly been given, so, mostly, they are soon out again anyway.

    2. The test of prison being a real deterrent would be that miscreants would take steps to avoid a repeat experience.

    3. Perhaps if all visits were from behind glass with no physical contact, and the warders and prisoners were moved around so as break up contact there might be a reductuion in drugs. However as long as governors (reportedly) rig the tests to prioritise on non-users we're not going to get very far. The Victorian idea of an initial solitary period has much to commend it in this respect.

    4. Not so long ago I sat through a lecture by the lady governor of Kingston brig which majors on lifers. The woman's main concern was to make her charges happy as far as I could see, and she seemed to think that was what her audience wanted - instead of strict discipline and ongoing punishment.

    Prisons and the justice system are just one example of how the entire public service (with the sole and shining exceptions of our men and women in the Queen's uniform, and our grossly over-worked doctors) is in a state of self-serving profligate collapse, the only function of its inflated payroll being to bribe its members into voting Labour to head off the collapse of their personal gravy train.
  16. being an x copper and having visited many prisons..

    i agree that they should be treated with less VIP status....but mainly the acutal programmes to stop offenders Re-offending....councelling,getting qualifications etc should be given more money because in my eyes,in the south west atleast,its not working.

    Chuck some little chav **** in a jail knowing **** all for a few weeks for stealing some bread,hes got a massive contacts list/base and knows how to steal cars in under a minute now/get away with burglary....

    hence they re-offend with this goldmine of knowledge....which is still bullshit because the monkeys that gave them this info cant be that good giving his friendly advice from behind bars...but ho hum.
  17. ex bootie 14 years. then prison officer 26 years and couldnt wait to get out. Biggest problem is the regime set up by governors,most of which have a degree but no life experience,my last residential governor had a degree in hotel and catering and had previously been manager of a Burger King outlet, good training to control 300 lifers. another major problem is religious activities where prisoners get time off to pray etc, Religious leaders holding meetings not attended by officers (muslim clerics spreading anti brit views etc). No death penalty !. Boredom due to lack of any meaningful work, but most damaging no punishments in prison due to EEC rulings on civil rights. Low moral amongst staff due to lack of support from senior staff is also undermining the stability of staff into making it a career anymore, in what is a difficult and challenging job. More support from governments,higher tariffs of sentence,would all be ways forward but at the end of the day, It is up to us all to ensure our kids act in a better manner and damn the do gooders give them a slap if they step out of line
  18. Once again, funding is perhaps the main issue. fill the quoter for happy feedback from prisoners ( I be they get such forms).

    Reform, through facing the consequences of ones actions, bit like training a dog....punishment and reward, would be the best bet.Stops reoffending and, for the first time, make inmates appreciate they live in the world with other people, with a emphasis on making being sociable the better option. Probably won't happen.Politics etc....

    Bit like re-educating chavs and the mentality about rights to benefits...a laborious task. Changing people's minds is really tough. Controlling their external environment the only option not make it easy.
    Who needs self-respect through time and hard work, when you can just force the issue with a gun, or through theft ? These people have been given either a) No value system as kids b) A bad one.
    Either option does not bode well.
  19. i belive some crimes don't deserve prison they deserve a bit of tough love such as your sex pests. there just lonely and need some love. i belive give it to them. or let the victims family do it. we should say to europe this is our little island our rules. don't like it form a quango or NGO about it. personaly i believe we should get value for money from our prisons like public hangings. any one likes these ideas move to constitiancy and vote for me for MP we'll take this country back one seat at a time.
  20. This already takes place, but only with the support of the victim, and IS much more effective at reducing recidivism that prison, which only works in so much as it temorarily removes those placed there, from society.

    From the descriptions I have read here about British prison I get the rather strong impression that most correspondents in this thread have never visited the inside of a Victorian prison like Pentonville, Brixton or Armley. Had you done so you would quickly see that their portrayal by the gutter press is totally fanciful! Having visited offenders who have been held in custody in these human dustbins, I am not in the slightest surprised that reoffending is so high nor that many offenders wish to get back at society for subjecting them to dehumanising conditions. As Churchill wisely said, as Home Secretary, you can judge how civilized a country is by the way it treats it prisoners: qua the least popular members of society. Perhaps one ought to update that to judging a country by the way it treats its paedophiles... on that score our rightious claims to moral superiority goes down the pan!

    Long live liberal fundamentalism! :twisted:

    Right, better get me 'ead down before the missiles start getting lobbed at me! ^_^;

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