Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. WTF is going on, I think its grossly unfair that our very own offenders have no prisons to go to because there are far too many foreign prisoners. Our criminals should go on strike untill these foreigners who have been here 5 minutes get kicked out, why should our own criminals have to do without their cushy cells.

  2. Ship all foreign prisoners to France and let them sort them out.The vast majority did actually go via france,so it their part of Ship!
  3. Why not offer our own prisoners a one way ticket home and £2500 to go back to the missus? Seems reasonable to me!
  4. Now i know what to do with redundant vessels,turn them into Prison Hulks!
  5. Convicts in hammocks? Scrubbing the decks every week? Polishing the brightwork? Scrambling over the mast? Doubling everywhere? Maintaining their own kit and themselves? Learning to be polite and obey when in the presence of Authority? Fear of Authority? Working?

    Come, come, Andy, it would be inhumane to force anyone to endure such hardships. Haven't you heard of treating people with humanity and compassion? No, I say let them all run wild in the Falklands, as Argentine citizens.
  6. Thats not fair to the sheep steve!
  7. I'm sure the sheep would appreciate a good shag. It would keep the sex offenders occupied at least...
  8. and help with the mine clearance :wink:

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