Prisoners Support Attacked Pensioner

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by ukdaytona, Aug 1, 2007.

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  1. Following an attack on an elderly lady not long after collecting her pension, some of the local Prison community have donated their wages/savings to her and have made it clear they would welcome the attacker into their party. To quote the prisoners '"We ultimately wish Ms Perkins a speedy recovery and that the person responsible joins us soon."

    Wonder if he would get a fair trial before receiving his punishment ?
  2. This is so sad........ that even our old ones are not safe anymore...
    but also wonder why the family donated the money .. was the prisoners money not good enough.....
    I for one hope that whomever did this does get sent to the same prison at least real justice will be served............
  3. I think it is a shame that we have to rely on the prisoners to hand out the sort of punishment to the w*nker who did this instead of the courts doing the right sentencing job in the first place.. :toilet:
  4. Unfortunately whilst "one" will get what he deserves it does not tell all the other scroats that it's naughty to do this, and after all first they have to catch the little scum bag! This will be followed by a 'fair' trial - some chance all he has to do is bleat to his brief that he's at risk and the powers that be will not dare put him in jail - any jail!

    Ideally a swift beating with an iron bar before being handed over to the police (being left in the council dump? is probably the best way, nobody gets into trouble 'cept 'im - don't agree with them or support them but the Irish paramilitaries had the right idea in these sort of cases! unfortunately they are no more! Until the next time maybe!)

  5. Good on you "josie" , my thoughts exactly , bloody scumbags .

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