Prisoners have more rights than elderly in care

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by lsadirty, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. Page 2 of todays' TORYGRAPH has in interesting article about a speech Cherie Blair will make next week. In it, she is expected to say that elderly care home residents do not have the same human rights as prisoners. This is due a decision by 5 Law Lords' decision that old people in care homes are outside the scope of the Human Rights Act.
    Bit ironic really, that her and her profession are largely responsible for the said prisoners having all these rights, and really striving to maintain them for them, and coining in the legal aid fees. Wonder whether she would take on a case for one of the said old folk ? Somehow I doubt it.
    Meanwhile, the Act will be extended to block the loophole that excludes them and will be given "top priority".
    Pass the sick bag somebody. (sorry if this sounds a tad bitter, but I AM)
  2. The oldies might not have the same 'Human' rights as Prisoners, but at least they can change their care provider.

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