Prison Officers Strike

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by skyvet, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. Am I missing something here? The Prison Officers throughout the UK staged a 24 hour lightning strike today, starting at 0700.
    It is widely understood that their profession is one in which strike action is not allowed for reasons of security, and the government has publicly reiterated that their action is illegal. Why, therefore are the pickets (most of whom are serving officers) still manning their lines? Why have they not been arrested for being in defiance of a high court ruling issued today that their action is illegal? Surely their action can't be seen as being "a little illegal?" It's like being "a little pregnant". It either IS, or it ISN'T.
    Double standards or what?
  2. The prison officers are justifying their action by stating that the government has gone back on its word. Seems they were awarded 2.5% pay rise, the government in its wisdom decided to split this into two parts 1.5 now and 1% in October. I [email protected] recall the government ever doing that with MPs pay awards.
    If you give up the right to strike the government should abide by independent pay review recommendations.
  3. Well bloody good on them. Who is this ponce in a wig to tell men they have to go back to work. This ****** will be on 100,00 plus an just like his master Gordon Brown is never offered 1, 2, or even 5%, they are always above the 10%.

    If this shit government thinks the people are going to just sit idly by while money is stolen from their paypackets they truely are (as suspected) from another planet.

    When TRUE inflation is nearer 5%, just 1 or 2% is of no concequence to someone who will get £4.1million in pension alone and they don't give a shit for anyone else.

    Get out on strike boys and I hope the fireservice does the same

    Judges don't listen to the public when there is an outcry over some sad bastard not getting his just deserts, so why should anyone listen to them.

    Yes it's a rant - yes I feel very strongly about the increases year upon year of taxes and no wage rise to keep up with it.
  4. I bet a pint to a pinch of the proverbial that this Liarbor government will cave in on this even tho' they are breaking the law [right or wrong]......but with the usual spin. It's a union FFS
  5. When I left the military to pension one of my jobs was a Trades Union Branch Officer and any union that give away the right to withdraw their labour as a last resort needs their heads looking at, consequently I have no sympathy for them.
  6. Could not agree more NmC, government, MPs, police, judidiary, financial services, local councils, in fact the whole old boy network of this once great county are as bent as a kangeroos hind leg, bunch of public school boy *******, all in each others pockets, the only financial action they dont make a balls of is thier own saleries and pensions. I worked like a slave most of my life (just payed myself considerably better) but they are trying thier hardest to steal it all back which they wont get as I have a plan.
  7. They never gave away the right to strike Finks, it was taken away.
    The trick here by the Government is to stretch out the pay rises, so that eventually they have a year saved. i was in the Prison Service when they did it last time.
    Also it's not just about this years pay rise, it's about the change in conditions of service and pensions.
    But as usual, the newspapers trot out the old anti union line.
    They will build new gaols, give TV to all the scumbags held therein, but won't give the Officers a locker each! Go figure....................
  8. There is only so far you can push anyone, then they bite back..a legal agreement is not a licence to take the piss!
    'Grounds of national security'. Is a granny imprisoned for not paying her coucil tax such a threat? Someone with six speeding fines? Strange that there were more bomb explosions on London Transport in the 1880's than there are now, but no sign of a 'threat to national security' then.
    Seems these good people have been pushed over that line.
    Mind you it beats me as to why anyone would want that job in the first place.
    I take my hat off to them and hope they come out well from this.
  9. Give away your right to strike? Why on earth would you do that?
    Beats me rigid!
  10. The Prison Officers Association has pulled out of a no-strike agreement, Yes or No?
  11. Yes they have pulled out.
    It was an unfair term in their contract anyway. It is this 'no strike agreement' that made the government think they could walk over the PO just as they do most, knowing they could not hit back.
    Well one up your arse Mr Brown, stuff your contract of employment, it works both ways.

    (I say yes as that is according to the newspapers, but if they are striking then they must have pulled out)
  12. I fully support their strike action and heard on the news yesterday that they are required to give 12 months notice of intended industrial action and they gave that notice 12 months ago - tough shit on the government for not taking notice, so how is that breaching their agreement if they complied with their requirement to give notice.

    In the Police we are not allowed to strike either, just like in the armed forces, and you and us alike are all treated like shit when it comes to pay deals - we are all toothless tigers - we have no bight and our pay awards are IMPOSED on us. :threaten:

    We (Old Bill) are also currently in disupute with the government but the likelihood of us going on strike is low to zero.

    Well done to the Prison Officers and the POA - and the best bit - when the POA Secretary, live on BBC TV, told them to "Shove it up their arses" :thumright: :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  13. No tough shit on the POA as rightly so the PM has told them that he is not for changing.
  14. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I'm no raving Unionist but history tells me that they are one of the most important aspects of our modern society. Whilst the private sector now know damn well that in order to get the best workers they must pay the best wages the public sector situation is less clear.

    In 1888 some now famous ladies in London were being paid about 5s a week, the national average was 26s. To make matters worse they never saw their 5s because the company they worked for fined them anything up to 1s at a time for merely talking, incidentally the were also falling ill and dying at an alarming rate and there was the issue of those 14 hour days! The situation was a national disgrace and the ladies went out on strike (I love the irony of the word, the ladies worked for Bryant & May) but this appeared in The Times:

    "The pity is that the matchgirls have not been suffered to take their own course but have been egged on to strike by irresponsible advisers. No effort has been spared by those pests of the modern industrialized world to bring this quarrel to a head."

    By giving up the right to strike the Prison Officers effectively gave away all their power, in return they have been screwed (pun intended)..... surprise, surprise! An agreement has two sides to it, why should they keep to their side if the government can't even give them the payrise their own pay body recommended?

    Incidentally, it worked for the matchgirls of Bryant & May.
  15. It's not just the Prison Officers, nurses have also received a staged payrise this year - there are even rumbles of discontent within the Tories favourite "union" the RCN - their no strike agreement is rumoured to be under rather a bit of stress.

    My advice, don't get ill this winter or be naughty.

  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Police strike action came very close a while ago, dates are lost in the old grey matter, but we held a huge meeting at Central Hall Westminster, where feelings were running very high. Theres no doubt that the Government took notice, Edmund Davies report was the result which virtually double Police pay in a very short space of time.

    Any Section of workers that agrees not to use strike action has the right to expect to be treated fairly by their employers.

    Bloody good run in Soho afterwards, every pub and sex shop packed with what were obviously off duty Bobbies.
  17. Do you think the RN should strike or the Police strike if they are unhappy with their pay and conditions?

  18. KLNA

    Back in 77 when we had the same problem with a Labour Government and the Northern Forces plus the Met actually had a majority for Strike Action by Plod in London we started a work to rule, this of course means every rule even the ones you do not like. The best part is as a person holding the "Office" of a "Constable", yes thats Office not rank, only you can decide how and if you exercise that power. So out the front door of the nick on your way to a burglary see a motorist breaking the law stop and deal with him etc. In them days we were forbidden to use our private motor vehicles whilst on duty for any reason except a few that had authorization. Plus, is your vehicle insured to be used for work i.e. business purposes, I doubt it so go every where by bus or public transport or walk if no Police vehicle is available.

    After one week we received the full rise recommended by Sir Edmond Davies after his enquiry.


    Go for it PO's
  19. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I think you've missed the point Phil, it's not simply that they are unhappy with their pay and conditions. Their "independent" pay review body recommended a 2.5% pay rise, the government have turned that into a 1.9% rise by splitting it. They have not even attempted to keep to their side of the bargain. Currently all public services are being used as a tool to reduce private sector pay rises, they are being politically manipulated in an attempt to control the economy. Pay rises below the CPI are in fact pay cuts, when that pay cut is even more than the pay body recommends something stinks!
  20. I'm 100% behind the prison officers. The government had a no strike agreement with them which as far as I am aware agreed to implement agreed pay offers. The government has renaged on this (yet again).

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