Prison Like Butlins!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Potential_Officer, May 21, 2008.

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  1. What many have long suspected, now confirmed by a young man, whose life has in my view been ruined by the fact that he was never properly punished. The courts, prison, and the whole Justice System are not just there for punishment on behalf of the victim, but also to protect that criminal from losing themselves in a life of crime. And in that respect it has failed.

    He openly admits that had the Prison system not been so comfortable, he strongly believes that he would not have been caught in a cycle of crime.

    Tough on Crime, Tough on the causes of crime? I don't think so!
  2. I stayed at Butlins once for a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not my choice!!

    Those who do wrong should be made to stay at Butlins the crime rate would drop overnight,
  3. so you mean gettin telephone calls, sky tv, no tv licence, regular mail, visits from the family, all night in, lots of space for you and your kit and free holidays isnt a good deterant from a life of crime...
    sometimes think that prisoners get treated better/have more rights than the members of the armed forces..oh yeah hang on they do
  4. Have any of you actually visited a prison?

    What I am reading here fails to correspond to anything I saw whilst a student at Birkbeck in the early 2000s. The conditions in places like Pentonville and Armley are truly appauling, such as not segregating remand prisoners from convicted offenders (supposedly prohibited), placing, on one occassion placing a wheelchair bound prisoner on an upper storey. In Armley they seem to have a policy of forcing physically disabled prisoners to work at jobs which they are not supposed to do (have been barred medically from doing) in return for the liberty of using a telephone periodically. The talk about TV's in cells is also disingenous. In the increasingly distant past each prisoner had their own cell, worked (unless disabled) and were entitled to daily exercise. Nowerdays with two or three prisoners to an average cell, often banged up allmost all day, TV is a cost effective way of occupying their minds which might otherwise be engaged in disaffection & anger. TVs cost a lot less than paying Prison Officers decent wages or the cost of containing a prison riot.

    Prison food tastes pretty poor.

    You should also remember that in the use of custodial sentences the main punishment is the deprevation of liberty, wearing prison uniform, conforming to set (prison) rules, etc... :roll: ...a bit like serving in the armed forces, come to think of it. :twisted:

    Right you lot, form up in threes.....
  5. Oops.... I bit! :evil:

  6. It was worse when I was at Ganges and Mercury, and I did nothing wrong, except join up.

    Although it has changed considerably, I still think from what I have seen on visits, training establishments are worse off than prison specially when it comes to youths and young men.

    Regards, Chris
  7. You volunteered to suffer! In Britain you are at liberty to engage in sadomasochistic pursuits like volunteering to go to naval training establishments, even ones with as terrible a reputation as the G Spot. Now had you been a naughty junior and been sentenced to bathe in the Ganges and drink liquid Mercury, that would have violated your human rights.

    PS: I've been told that adolescents aren't human and therefore not entitled to rights, but I may be mistaken there. ;)

    PPS: I didn't have the good/mis- fortune to be a trog but Nutty tells me you got brekkers in bed every morning, sailing and nice JIs to make your beds. Happy days! :razz: ;)

    PPPS: If you can't take a joke..... [Maybe someone should have a quiet word with Capn Pugwash's oppo ;) phillpot]
  8. Guys
    The modern navy courtesy of the RAF my daughter is serving at an RAF station in SLA (Single Living Acommodation) own cabin with tv, double bed and en suite meals are fab looks like we were a couple of generations to easrly eh still good luck to them - remember we didn't have to pay for food and accom until the tory bastards got in and we lost LOA, Blue Liners. but hey we lost KUA but got free kit exchange, fcuking bargain, thought I'd dipped in everytime I took my kit back for exchange especially my **** socks
  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The vast majority of those in prison also volunteered, if they obeyed the rules that decent human beings do they wouldn't be there.

    I have visited several prisons, some more than once, quite often to see people that I'm proud to say I got locked up.

    Steve why not expend your sympathys on the victims rather than those that would turn on you at the earliest opportunity they get? You'll be telling me next that Hanratty was innocent and should not have been hung.
  10. Probably because I feel empathy towards the demonised in society.
  11. Beyond contempt :-(

    Demonised, demonised, beat up and sexually assaulted a Ninty year old Lady, destroyed the twelve year old telvevision and furniture stole all the savings, and got caught banged up for six months DEMONISED?

    Castrated by twelve female citizens then hung would be more appropriate

    Either explain or leave please

    Jack McH

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