Prison absconder numbers unknown


I agree, but as a family man even more disturbing is not knowing where the peadophiles are living...except I do as my wife works within our local area and is updated regularly.

Don't these prisons keep records? Surely (he hates being called Surely) the prison authorities can write. Or are they like the police, NHS and the Fire Brigade too many chiefs and not enough Indians. There is a Open Prison not far from here and it is known locally as the holiday camp, because of the comings and goings. There is not enough prisons due to the fact that some institutions are full of 'Asylum Seekers', send them home without letting them hang on for months and then there will be enough space for prisoners!


War Hero
It just goes to show you cant trust a Crim no matter what they have done!Its the best advert for closing Open prisons down!!!!!!