Princess Di - all over again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by LujonSA, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. Can someone, anyone, explain what the mass hysteria and breast-beating that curently has Newcastle in its grasp, is all about? Sir Bobby Robson had an illustious career in football, but .... what has it got to do with Newcastle?

    He spent 18 years as a player with, (mainly), Fulham and West Brom; he never played for a North East team. He then moved seamlessly into management and for 36 years had a generally successful career but his main achievements were with Ipswich Town and with overseas clubs, never in the North East. His final management job was five years at Newcxastle but he was sacked in August 2004 because the season, only a couple of weeks old, had not begun the way the chairman liked.

    So, my question is why all the hysteria in Newcastle? He was only there for a few years, never won a trophy, never qualified for European competition and was sacked for failure. Now Newcastle fans want to put up a statue, why? He probably deserves one but it should be in Suffolk, Porto or Barcelona, the places where he actually achieved something.
  2. We aye man,that ferkin Newcastle brown does funny things to ones grey matter,but i agree with you on this one shipmate,
  3. A sad fact of the times I'm afraid.
    The masses seem to relish having a so called icon to weep and show open grief for as a form of escapism.
    Really they should just get a grip on their own lives instead.
    Any death is sad but this sort of thing really takes the biscuit.

    And of course the media loves it.

    We didnt see the same thing with Henry Allingham or Harry Patch and they specifically requested no fuss etc.

    Different ball game I suppose.No pun intended.
  4. I agree with r-g in that the masses need to be seen to wring their hands whenever some celebrity shuffles off this mortal coil. Life is one big soap opera for some people.

    Geordie football fans are particularly bad for this in the way they idolise certain players/managers (ie Robson, Keegan, Shearer), despite the club not winning a major trophy since 1955.
  5. I come from Suffolk, so I think I'm technically supposed to be in mourning right now, crying my eyes out at the statue near Portman Road. Fair enough, seemed like a good bloke, cancer's not a nice way to go...but it's fcuking football! He never saved the world, just the sh1t team from round where I live. Hardly an achievement that requires so much distress over someone who most people gathering at the statue never even met.
  6. Living in the North-East, I've had to endure this farce all weekend. The look on the till girls face in Sainsburys today was a picture when I said "Why is it surprising? The cnut could hardly beat Egypt in 1990 so he was hardly likely to get a result against Cancer was he?"
  7. They're probably 2 in traffic to scousers for that.
  8. I hate all this mass adulation!!
    We all have to go at sometime unless someone has a magic formula
    This outpouring of public grief when the populace have never even met either this man or someone else who is revered in this way makes my skin crawl.
    Instead of laying flowers and football shirts ,why not donate their offerings to his favourite charity Cancer Research?
    Hopefully it might do a bit of good
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Agree, Jacqui; perhaps some people should take a leaf out of Sir Bobby Robson book? A story I heard was that he was asked to attend a charity event in Portugal some time before he died, but he was shocked to find that he had been booked on an all-expenses First Class flight. He immediately contacted the charity concerned and told them to book him on EasyJet and donate the difference to his own cancer relief charity... fair play, fella! :thumbleft:
  10. Icons and escapism..... :oops:

    Does that mean I should stop worshipping TROGS :worship: and worship MPs instead???!!! o_O There was me thinking of leaving you £5K in my Will too! :roll: :D

    Griefstricken of Strickenwithgrief
  11. This has been very much a media driven event.On the day his death was announced the first 8 minutes of the BBC TV 6 o'clock news was given over to it.The part of the population not obsessed by football(i.e. the majority) must have been wondering a) who the hell he was, and b) why all the fuss.

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