Prince William's immediate career

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Seaweed, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    The D Telegraph report yesterday into W of W's spell with the Crabs remarks to the effect thathe will learn about (inter alia) the RAF's traditions. Does anyone on RR know what these are?
  2. Don't they involve kicking the tyres of aeroplanes (but only on Wednesdays) and wearing fur-lined boots with Mae Wests and long scarves? Plus sitting around in deckchairs and growing moustaches, of course. I've watched the Battle of Britain.
  3. I googled "Royal Air Force traditions". Surprisingly it came up with zilch!
  4. The RAF have habits, not traditions!!
  5. Quite right; only the navy have traditions...
  6. And of course the Captain on BOAC asking the 1st Officer for the white gloves as 'I am about to land'........
  7. Another taxpayers holiday! His devoted father also a flight lieutenant who saw action in the stables humping horse face. Yet we have no cancer treating drugs but we can spend it on this shower. Why???
  8. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Simple answer, we are investing in his training for his future role (just as we did with the PoW). I would think it was very much in the interest of the Services to have a friend at the top in the distant future. Though I do wonder what he can be found to DO in a ship when that comes. Just hope he surprises us.
  9. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    On this basis it would be good for some in government to be seconded to the services to gain first hand experience of the miltary nirvana that they have helped create. I can see it now, Gordon and co on head cleaning party!
  10. Splash target Coxn would be a better option IMHO.for Broon & his crew.............
  11. Or Thatcher being told no milk for tea. And only one lump of coal per stove.
  12. Although it's a little bit of a joke HRH Prince William being awarded his wings after only a few months, I'm all in favour of future heads of state spending time with each of the services. Both William and Harry have to put up with a large amount of frustrations in their chosen career because of who they are and I for one don't envy their place in the slightest. Good luck to William during his time with my service and I look forward to him doing likewise with the Senior Service in due course. I suspect that there'll be a Ladies Guest Night or 2 at Cranditz in the hope he'll bring the lovely Miss Middleton along!!

    As far as Flagwagger's suggestion regarding politicians, I couldn't agree more. The awareness of military affairs amongst MPs is criminally poor and can only get worse.

    I think it should be compulsory for MPs to spend at least one month deployed (not at home) with one of the 3 services on election and then every 5 years, as well as similar periods on 'front line' police, health and education locations.

  13. Fully agree. I think that Rt Hon Liam Fox MP (TA Medic) (and thereby the Tories) would gain alot of kudos if he were to volunteer for a 5 week stint in Afghanistan.

  14. G&T's, Golf, pukka sports cars and knobbing young laydees
  15. All the sort of things that Jack would never do, of course!

  16. I remember being down CTCRM with Lt now honorary Colonel David Trippier long long time ago. Before he became famous and Knighted now Sir David.

    Hope he had an insight that was passed down the line to his friends in high places.

  17. He could try Freckles,Dance of the Flaming A$£!"holes Zulu Warrior if he really wanted to get in with the gang.

  18. Tough playing golf on a boat… :eye:

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