Prince William to receive US medal

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by bl_ue, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. It really does get f*'in worse. The two awards just don't compare.

    tbh it would probably have been better to get him out of the way to somewhere with low risk of photo opportunities during his holiday with the Navy.
  2. Sounds like one of those Yank medals only they plus our Royalty wear.. Nobody else in the fleet would be allowed to wear it (or want to)...
  3. Well, "seeing" action would be correct.. He observed it from the Lynx as it was happening ;)
  4. A CDM would have been more appropiate :rendeer:
  5. Here is a photograph and discription of the
    'Joint Services Achievement Medal' Prince William is to be awarded
    by the US Government for services to the US Coast Guard on HMS Iron Duke
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Gosh, might just buy one myself!

    As previously stated regarding the RN bi-annual, once-per-deployment, drugs bust, sanctioned/staged by the US Coastguard & DEA it's only a surprise each person attending these now traditional events hasn't been recognised en-masse over the years until now.

    In the interests of saving the planet, it is indeed gratifying to note the drugs haul has been repatriated to the country of origin for the purpose of recycling or "re-issuing" to the next vessel deployed on station.

    Common sense would suggest the haul should have been destroyed by contamination prior to handing over to the "authorities".
  7. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think the 'advisers' have got this badly wrong. Unless this gong is simultaneously awarded to all the other bodies in the chopper it isn't clear to me, sycophancy apart, how W's service is more 'meritorious' than theirs. Of course if this gong has been routinely given to all those on previous drug busts with the US, that's another story. Somebody tell me that's SOPs?

    Better if the Palace, who must have been consulted, had had the comon sense to recognise that the US' undoubtedly well-meant offer, was OTT.

    The Prince himself of course has no say in the matter and is not allowed to do anything except smile sweetly and say 'thank you'.

    Inciodentally I thought the CO's stmt on the bust was OTT in terms of Prince W. But maybe he didn't write it. Strong smell of spin about the whole thing. Handing the haul back to Colombia is mentally defective.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The intersting thing about boarding drug-carrying "go-fast" vessels is that international diplomacy & maritime law normally entails "speaking" to the vessel to identify it's country of origin/registration and then having a natter with the appropriate country to gain permission to board. Generally this doesn't happen at the speed at which one would wish to conclude in a "red-handed" arrest.

    It is rather surprising that such a vessel didn't think to 'float test' it's cargo in the intervening hours between contact and approved "hot-pursuit" boarding.
  9. NJ, you are somewhat correct, however under PSI Interdiction Principles, it is possible that this could have been a case of a) states and their own vessels b) Rights of non-coastal states against foreign vessels (where there could be in place an exisiting agreement to allow boardings of which the UK has a huge list of such agreements, about 70% of all maritime trade - stems from the anti-slave trade) and c) the Rights of coastal states which sets out:

    "Under certain circumstances, a coastal state may arrest a foreign-flagged vessel. If that vessel is breaking certain rules under UNCLOS III in respect to a particular zone, the coastal state may be able to arrest it and indeed to pursue it into the high seas (though not into another state's territorial sea) and arrest it there - the "right of hot pursuit" (Article 111). For example, a coastal state would be able to arrest foreign vessels engaged in smuggling within its contiguous zone or territorial sea, and to engage in appropriate hot pursuit if necessary. Similar possibilities would exist for the exclusive economic zone for relevant rules there."

    Since the details are at best scanty in matter, and one hasn't got all the info on what exactly gave rise to the legalities under PSI Interdiction Principles, one can only speculate as you have.
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    :happy7: Wow, just reading the rules alone, a smuggler would have enough leeway to locate a lavvy to flush his stash!
  11. Typical Britian, something good happens and all we can do as Joe Public is find a reason to make up a negative thread.

    The key here is that £40 million worth of pure Cocaine is stopped from getting onto the streets of Europe, stopped from being sold outside the schools of mine and your children and the same time the RN is given the best publicity it has featured for years because of the involvement of HRH. The medal is mini school, HRH himself will be embarrased as he will I am sure not want to stand next to his younger brother on parade featuring an OPERATIONAL medal.

    Seaweed, the statement that the CO gave was spot on. In it he praised the young boat drivers, the guys humping the drugs in the early hours, the American Coastguard guys and the Aircrew that William was part of???? I think you must have read the report that featured in Nuts or Zoo?

    This is the reason he has such a desire to go operationally to Iraq or Afghan. He is the future king of our country, lets give him the support he deserves and congradulate him on attempting to get an idea of what our forces actually do on a day to day basis.

    I just hope when he is flying the SAR aircraft that plucks people from cliff faces of from sinking boats we can be more thankful for what he is trying to do.

    I say well done William, your time with the RN was a total success for one reason, your determination.
  12. what? I just dont care.
  13. I was on ARRSE recently when an American poster got all proud and misty eyed over his Unit Achievement Medal that was awarded to him/her for taking part in an exercise Germany after the fall of the wall, collapse of the USSR etc.
    Perhaps George Shrub is hoping Liz will reciprocate with an honorary British Empire Medal or summat.
  14. He may become King if we don't kick out the outdated monarchy of this country and go for a republic with an elected Head of State. On the second point, he doesn't "deserve" anything, except perhaps our sympathy for being born into one of the most disfunctional families in Britain.
  15. I must admit that I am not convinced by the republican concept, you could end up with people like Bush and Sarkozy. On the other hand the system could do with a good chunk of modernisation, I really don't see why some one needs special treatment because they are close to becoming king.

    As for the family being dysfunctional, they really are not that different in that sense from a large chunk of the population. Back in the days when Chuck and I were both in the mob I had the pleasure, as they say, of teaching Chuck on a couple of occasions and he certainly did the work expected of him, and having known several who served on ships with him he always pulled his weight.
  16. This is awesome!!!

    I was on the Iron Duke in 2006 for counter narcotics operations, so when do the rest of us get these medals?
  17. FFS this american addiction to medals is annoying, I went to Fleet Week this year and despite having two good conduct badges, marksmans badge and three campaign medals was still referred to in a bar by a yank chick as a "rookie" wtf.

    There were US personnel just out of training with more gold braid and medals than me and they had never left the country of their birth!
  18. Metocman did you get a drugs bust on the IRON DUKE in 2006? If I remember right you sailed round for 6 months chasing storms that never materialised (that you were probably predicting as a METO!) and chasing contacts that were never there? Maybe this explains the lack of your medal?

    I have first hand experience of working with Wills and he a normal genuine 26 year old guy who wants to lead a normal life. Good luck to him, and good luck to the gaining of more medals as a SAR pilot.
  19. Denigrate one of your own!! why not eh


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