Prince William Golden Jubilee Gong!

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by RNFLUNKY, Dec 16, 2006.

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  1. :? Did anyone one see the SUN news paper today? Prince William passing out at Sandhurst with a QGJ gong on. It maybe his Nan who authorised him to wear it, how ever, i know for a fact that you had to serve 5 years in what ever service to qualify for one. Will is sporting a current serviceman's issue medal.

    Personally i dont care, its just a issue that has been bothering me all day. I know, i dont think of much in the day anyway!!

    Question is, alot of lads/girls had to wait ages or even missed it by a couple of days/months..... :?
  2. check out the rest of the clan in thier lovely uniforms - where the hell did charles and andrew get all of those.

    phillip earnt quite a few in the WW2 but i did laugh when i saw edward in the big red hat and uniform on rememberance day parade.
  3. Its crazy aint it. i have grafted for my gongs!! Phil worked for his - granted, but why wear some thing that you never earnt. Shocking stuff really.

    At least with Will, he has one now - right. He will be ead of HM Forces one day, just watch what he does till then, then look at his rig....remember where you heard it first!!!
  4. Haven't all the royals got all the gongs? When Edward Bear was in the RM, he sported a Silver Jubilee medal - you know, the one that only a couple of people per Unit were awarded. I had only been in 4 years at that time, so wouldn't have qualified under the terms of the GJ Medal, but I seem to remember that the Successful Film Director joined somewhat after that year. None of 'em will ever get a P Doo though.
  5. Like the info. Very helpful. It looks in context a bit better now. I think it's Will's & H's perk to get the QGJM.
  6. The QGJM was also awarded to the police, lifeboats etc... and to members of the Royal Household. And Wills and Harry had both been members of the Royal Household for over 5 years. good luck to both of them.
  7. Yeah, good luck to them - but if you read it properly (everyone knows others got it as well) each was different, Current servicemen, Life boat bods & Coppers. Will is wearing a current servicemans medal. He can wear his pants on his head for i care, it was just a mere observation.

    Chuffty Badge!!!!
  8. Come on people you know the rules - if Mummy owns the bloody shop, you get to play with all the toys and eat the sweets for free (and if you know you'll probably not have one by the time you get to be the shop owner you'll do it now)

    Hell I know I would! So would the rest of you buggers if you admitted it! So who cares if it don't mean sod all! Just deny others the right to were theirs (PJM for them as knows) and you've cracked it
  9. The Golden Jubilee Medal was in the personal gift of HMQ. If she wanted to give it to her Grandson then that is her prerogative.

    Now as we serve/d in the ROYAL Navy/Marines are you really going to complain to the Boss?
  10. I dont mind them wearing it, I got mine for free, we all did.

    It would be a different matter if it was a campaign medal.
  11. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    A bit bitter RNFlunky, no gongs yourself?

    Prince William is a current serviceman and the medal is not merely for those with military service (as has been explained).
  12. Me being an ignaramus as usual but is Andy Pandy still in the mob? :oops:
  13. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Prince Andrew is outside but an Honorary Captain. I can't say at this time if he's on the retired list as a Commander.

    Prince Charles is a Vice Admiral but doesn't appear on the active list, likewise Princess Anne (Rear Admiral). The Duke of Edinburgh is an Admiral of the Fleet and the most senior officer on the active list.

    Interesting to see what Charles wears when he becomes King and Lord High Admiral. Admiral of the Fleet would seem appropriate but there are no more promotions to 5*. Any thoughts/ideas hammockhead?
  15. What a load of bollocks. So what if he is wearing a golden jubilee medal? Is it a current campaign medal - no. Is it a medal from an order of chivalry? - no. Is it a medal for barvery or gallantry - no.

    I got mine for a combination of RNR and Full time service, others got them purely for "service" in the URNU.

    Both Will and Harry are desperate to serve in the frontline and are unlikely to do so. so the only medals they are likely to get are freebies from HMQ.

    RNFLUNKY keep your pointless observations to yourself.
  16. All members of the Royal Household from cleaners to princes recieved the Golden Jubilee gong. Every organisation had differnt criteria for being awarded it.

    Charles is a full admiral now - he was promoted the other week.
  17. Dry your
    eyes "Ding Dong". Its a website that you can express thoughts etc..if you havent got any thing reasonable to say'PIPE DOWN'
  18. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    RNFLUNKY wrote (though credited it to moi)

    None of them for using the 'quote' icon on RR. :wink:

    Jim30 wrote
    I missed that update, thanks.
  19. I was more interested in the crossed rifles bagde that Will was sporting on his cuff. Anyone else spot it?

    Is that a marksmans award? Or am I wrong?

    Surely that is unusual to pass out of Sandhurst already having qualified as a marksman?

    Obviously not like the RN, where officers dont wear skills badges.


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