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Finks, don't believe everything you read in the Guardian. The ED waiting time thing has been horribly misrepresented. The target is 95% discharged/admitted within 4 hours. NHS England fell just short of this recently (about 94%). This is total time in an Emergency Department, not time to be seen. And 94% patients were in an ED for less than 4 hours.

Apols for thread drift. I hope the D of E makes a rapid recovery. He's made of strong stuff.
Since a member of my family has been taken to A&E by ambulance three times in the past six months, and has spent all night and part of the following day on a trolley waiting for a bed on each occasion, I feel she must be most unfortunate to be part of the 6%. Not funny at the age of 90 and having recently undergone major heart surgery. Added to that, failing to find a member of staff to help her, she tried to get to the toilet on her own, fell and broke her hip, and has had a further operation to rectify that, leaving her in a condition that is worse than when she first called the ambulance.

Statistics are great Angry Doc, but not when you are part of the minority to which the glad news does not apply.



2BM, I'm not saying the 6% don't matter at all. They do, but 5% vs 6% is not a big difference. Your Mum has suffered the target culture - once you breach 4 hours no one cares until 12 hours. The 3h50 waiters have higher priority (for management) as they haven't breached yet. They will therefore get a bed first. That's the problem with targets - attention is focussed on them above all else. If you miss the targets, you get spanked. Mid Staffs has revealed many of these problems.

The less Government involvement in the NHS the better.


War Hero
I too have seen my father in law sat in the triage queue at QAH twice in the last year, having just suffered a stroke on both occasions. The queues stretched right down the passageways to reception and the wait time was nine and eleven hours respectively.

The staff were nothing short of amazing, but were stupidly under-resourced. How they keep their drive and determination up to provide the service is anyone's guess. In the queue were fellers still in their football kits, elderly people (like my father in law) and people seriously in need of attention.

Whilst the government seems set fair to shit taxpayers cash out of its arse to fund badly researched IT projects (possibly garnered by the same nefarious backscratching measures we have seen on Panorama) and pay big wonga for handshakes in and out of the executive posts of the NHS, then it's hardly surprising the front-line is threadbare.

Waiting time and posts mentioning one or two disasters, I have to say, the NHS has saved alot of lives- my own included.
It is the envy of the world and does a bloody good job in general.
You boys have travelled.Look at the countries that don't have it and be very grateful for the doctors and nurses who give their all, day in, day out.These people are the real heroes of Life with talent , not some 20 year old on the X-factor with too much slap on.

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