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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by AndyWade, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    On Monday 10th December 2007 there will be a memorial service at The Church of Our Lady and Saint Nicholas, in Liverpool opposite the Liver Building.
    For the uninitiated, this also known as 'The Sailors Church' because of it's strong links with Liverpool's maritime heritage.
    Everyone will be most welcome to attend. Please come along and take the opportunity to meet some of the men who served aboard these fine ships.
    This is the 66th anniversary of the sinking of these two ships by Japanese aircraft and of course it is fully documented on our website here.

    The service commences at 11.00 hrs and I'd advise anyone intending to come along to aim for 10.30 hrs if possible. There are car parks all around the area, although with it being Monday morning you might wish to give yourself time to find a space and walk along to the church.
    You might be able to get on a parking meter but in my experience the time will run out before the end of the service as you can only load them up so far.

    Some people dress with medals and blazers/ties etc, but this is not essential. Just coming along is enough. Occasionally we have serving personnel in dress uniform (or any uniform actually) and they are most appreciated for making the effort.
    Hopefully we'll be having a beer or two or a meal somewhere nearby afterwards. Again, you'll be most welcome to come along. I'll be there dressed as a former crab so you can always come just to poke fun at me if you like... :laughing6:

    There's a map here for those not sure where everything is located.

    Afterwards you might wish to take the opportunity to visit the Maritime Museum which is just a couple of hundred metres along the road from the church. It is well worth a visit.
    Please PM me if you would like to know any more about it, or email me from the website.

    (Also posted on the ARRSE forum)
  2. Thanks Andy. I have just spent a couple of hours on your site and have been much impressed. I was particularly moved by the entry for the 17 year old Young twins in HMS Prince of Wales. The consequences for the family of receiving news of their death doesn't bear thinking about.
    Brave men all.

  3. Hi Everyone,

    It's the 66th anniversary of the sinking of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse today.
    The memorial service will be as detailed in my previous post.
    Please spare a moment at 11.00 this day to pause and reflect on what the men who were there on the day went through in the defence of our freedom.
    Thank you.
  4. I was priveleged to take part in a memorial Service over the site of the sinking of PoW back in 1999. An event truly worthy of rememberance. Heroes all, RIP.
  5. Thanks Andy,

    My life will stop for two minutes at 1100 today. Such a shame that 840 brave men had to die to remind people about the importance of adequate fighter cover. Will we never learn?
  6. My grandfather served on the PoW when the Hood was hit. I dont know if he was still on there when she was sank because he died befpre I was born but I will be thinking of the brave men that died not only on this ship but from the whole war. If any survivors from PoW know of a boy seaman named George Lightburn, any information would be apreiciated.
  7. I remember whilst in the China sea we paid tribute over the area of one of the vessels. I can't remember which I believe it was the Prince of Wales but not 100%.
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  9. See here for reports of the first dives on the wrecks of HMS REPULSE and HMS PRINCE OF WALES, made by members of the RN Far East Fleet Clearance Diving Team backed up by Clearance Divers from HMS SHERATON and the Royal Australian Navy's CDT 1, in 1965 and 1966 respectively.
  10. I remember my old Dad who was a Gordon Highlander in WW11 telling me that the news of the sinkings shocked the whole nation.
  11. bump - to remind me to send an email round tomorrow about it :)
  12. Already published in the public domain as a survivor from the Repulse is the name
    Robert.W.Hewlette Able Seaman DJX 154472.

    I believe this is "Scouse" the postie on-board Aurora in the 67/69 commission, who with the nephew of Admiral Philips (the CinC of Z force at the time of the sinking) laid a wreath at the site of the Graves.

    If anyone on RR can help with any info on this event or confirm that I am talking of the right time period and ship please drop me a PM.

    I know that I served with an RR members Brother in another ship and will PM you to see if It was not the Devonshire. I know it was one of the two.

  13. Got a survivor of the Prince of Wales in Dundee
    He was an ERA
    Hes the president of the of the Dundee RNA Branch still quite fit and was at the rememberance services with us today.

    G :fish:
  14. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    One of my COs was in HMS Exeter to which he had been transferred after being rescued from PoW in which he was a mid. Spent the rest of the war in Changi. Tact forbade ever asking him about it although he did once remark that he had a lump of shrapnel from Prinz Eugen in his attic.
  15. Wonder if he ever saw or met my dad? Makes you wonder. My old dad was taken in Burma and spent months in Changi 18 to be correct , before being transferred to Surabaya from where he was freed.
    I always remember him and his oppo who was a prisoner with him talking about it together, but clamping up if they thought anyone was listening in.
    On ANZAC day I was always really proud, as where we lived my dad had stacks more medals than the other locals, as he had been a terrier ( In England ) before hostilities broke out.
    During the cenotaph parade on Sunday it was mentioned that this was the first time it had been held with no vets from the first war, as now they were all dead. I wonder how long before that is true of WW11 vets? Its strange, because when I was young there were thousands of blokes about sporting the medals from the first. And in the Andrew there was oodles of senior rates and even junior rates who wore second war medals.
    We are living through history and never really think about it until it disappears. God I'm getting maudlin, :( time for a tot. :)
  16. For as long as there are people interested enough to talk about the various exploits and to name names where possible their deeds and sacrifices will never be forgotten. Sorry, also getting very maudlin - time of year and the sad fact that we just don't seem to learn the lessons!

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