Prince Naseem Stripped Of Mbe


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probably never slim........but an honour is just that......if you do something which reflects badly on the company you have been made part of expect to lose that honour.......
slim said:
Just noticed this

How long will it be before they do the same to Lord Archer and others of his like?

interesting post Slim - let's consider which is the most reprehensible in our society a stupid, completely avoidable accident with tragic consequences or deliberate deception and wrongdoing planned over a considerable period of time???

I think in modern day parlance it's a 'no brainer' but then I'm prejudiced - I'm a northerner :lol:
Agree with you - Rivet on that, but it should of happened to Archer when he was convicted, (After all Jeffery is one big WALT)



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What about the guy from the ATC that nominated himself? did he get stripped of his after he was busted for stealing the money he was supposedly raising for the ATC?
Yes Mazza, I forgot all about him, I think he took the Air Cadets for thousands, going on a spending spree, when in fact he should of used the money for buying equipment for the cadets.

Did he go down for it ?


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