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Prince Naseem Stripped Of Mbe

probably never slim........but an honour is just that......if you do something which reflects badly on the company you have been made part of expect to lose that honour.......
slim said:
Just noticed this

How long will it be before they do the same to Lord Archer and others of his like?

interesting post Slim - let's consider which is the most reprehensible in our society a stupid, completely avoidable accident with tragic consequences or deliberate deception and wrongdoing planned over a considerable period of time???

I think in modern day parlance it's a 'no brainer' but then I'm prejudiced - I'm a northerner :lol:
What about the guy from the ATC that nominated himself? did he get stripped of his after he was busted for stealing the money he was supposedly raising for the ATC?
Yes Mazza, I forgot all about him, I think he took the Air Cadets for thousands, going on a spending spree, when in fact he should of used the money for buying equipment for the cadets.

Did he go down for it ?

I wouldn't condone what Naseem did; he deserved to be punished for it but so many others get away with severe driving offences. If they're going to take his gong away for the jail time then the rule should apply across the board.

Not that it matters a whole lot anyway. The whole honours system is so far removed from what it was designed to be; it is a joke. All you need is enough cash to pass a little onto the political party of choice to get knighted. The one that really bugs me though is when our guys get MBEs for enormous effort and then Bill from the Butcher's shop gets one because he has been in business for 20 years or Linda the lollypop lady because she has done a couple of hours work every school day for a few years.

Time to scrap it and bring in something else? Perhaps. Definitely time to take it out of the government’s hands though.

It's official, the honours system is a feed of shit. Honours should be for bravery not tossing around playing football or organising sport. It takes the piss out of the deserving recipients'.Most of these tools get reward enough with their over inflated wages.
I'm not a big fan of boxing but it could be argued that Naseem was a fairly good role model for young lads. He was certainly a hero in Bolton and the north definitely needs good publicity (IMHO).

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