Prince Harry's "real hero".

Agreed - he's a real hero and nice of HRH to point it out. Shame the lad has two more major battles ahead of him. First, the one which will get him back to as full a recovery as possible and second [the harder of the two] the battle to get decent compensation from the MOD.

I wish him the best of luck in both of these.

Why in this day and age do our troops have to fight for compensation?
It is patently obvious that many of the injured returning will be unable to work for many years, if ever. Time for a rethink, if the government can give thousands to typists who suffer with RSI then surely a real injury must be worth much more.
If you ask the government they will say that they don't have to fight for compensation and to a degree that's true. It's the time it takes to get the money and the amount involved when it finally comes that matter.

Most of these guys and girls would be better off if they were MOD employees who sued the system for excessive paper cuts than those who are wounded or die in the face of the enemy.



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Must admit I didn't know whether to post it in The Corps forum or Current Affairs.

Either way, it does no harm doubly highlighting the plight of this young man. It really brings home to horrors of war & I hope those working in the House of Commons make sure they go to speak with him & begin to comprehend the huge price people are paying on their behalf whilst they continue to cash-in on the taxpayer, regardless of whatever political party or allegiance, these are real people doing their bidding.

It would be a marginally less of a price to pay if our overseas policies were achievable and actually made the public feel safer, rather than more vulnerable.


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something that did grate me was on the bottom of the page on my link there are comments that have been left by readers. Some of them are unbelievable!


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toycommandos said:
something that did grate me was on the bottom of the page on my link there are comments that have been left by readers. Some of them are unbelievable!
100% agree.

The news item is about a brave young man who was serving his country and who was terribly injured. It had nothing whatsoever to do with glorifying war or justifying it & yet there are still morons who cannot differentiate between politicians who make the policy decisions & servicepeople who have to implement it without question.

Those of low intelligence always turn to the most convenient tangible target which they mistakingly see as representing political authority. Many service installations have been daubed in red paint with mis-directed anti-war slogans. My solution is that we invite these idiots indoors and supply a pot of pussers' magnolia emulsion so as they can at least do an honest days' useful work.
Just read the heart felt article and it saddens me to see a Royal suffer such injuries. I hope he gets better soon.
As for some of the toilets leaving comments on this article I am at a loss for words. If that guy Nick From North Hill ever voiced them opinions and i was in earshot I would for the first time in my life put a pint glass through his cretinous big mouth.

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