Prince Harry receives medal

Ah, but your not Ginger, Gowys deserve medals to be awarded properly as their are a bigger target and generally due to years of inbreeding that have made them slightly sub human.
I've got four medals and all but one of them i received from the UPO writer. The one i didn't get from the UPO was my LSGC which i received in the post when i was serving as an Assistant Careers Advisor up North.
Also SF I'm assuming that you, like me didn't sign up for the "short Op Break" package (just over 30 days but not by too much) - that's what entitles you to the parade and the royal presentation.

I got mine from my killick scribes, and I'll never forget the heartwarming words he spoke... "This came for you in the post Sir". Still makes me emotional to this day.
It's not the medals as such, it's the thoughtless manner in which they are handed out to RN personnel and it needs to be reviewed. It’s a real shame that more isn’t made of it.



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I think it more likely that he will get it from the colonel in chief of his regiment. Which he did. several days ago....
Personally i say fair play to the lad for fighting to get over there with his unit. Its more than some Royals have done of late. Anyway as far as i'm aware you have to serve in theatre for at least 30 days to receive a gong anyway. Whats the big deal!!
Be serious do you really expect the Blair boys and the like to put themselves in harms way in an effort to bring about Daddy's evangelical new world order. :evil:
i dont understand what the problem is, he did his duty got his medal and derverdly as well. The Armed forces and veteran associations have got probably there two biggest supporters, no matter what poeple think Harry is a Brother in Arms respect that,
Most army units hold a medals parade, frankly I prefer to get mine from the UPO now as invariably we were buggered about just after an Op tour to stand in line.
Seem to remember my LSGC coming through when we were in Sydney - Capt Sec asked me who I wanted to present it .. the Old Man or the Admiral on Illustrious .. I told him the Senior Naval Officer present .. which as Phil the Greek was around at the time was him! Capt Sec was in a right two & 8 until he suddenly realised I was taking the piss! Skipper presented it on Requestmen the following day with a grin on his face as Sec had told hom about the wind up!
Been quite lucky with mine as it goes as apart from two, the rest have been presented properly.

GSM(NI) - in a box and given to me whilst I was BM on HMS Cygnet.
SAM - Presented by CO of Penelope (ship I served on during conflict)
LS&GC - Presented to me by a Norwegian Army General in front of family whilst serving in Norway LFS.
Jubilee Medal - In a box on my desk when I came back from playing football.
OP Veritas Medal - Presented by Sir Donald Gosling.

I think ALL medals should be presented correctly and not just handed out to you in a box.


I picked up my Telic medal from the UPO in Nelson. Strangely, there had been a ceremony about 3 months before that in Haslar where medals were being handed out and according to an Army mate of mine, my name was down to receive my medal then! Unfortunately noone told me about it.