Prince Harry may still travel to war zones but incognito

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by SILVER_FOX, May 22, 2007.

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  1. Wooden Horse of Troy????? Worth a go eh???? :lol: :lol:
  2. As described by one of his mates, "a ginger bullet magnet" - is a ginger bullet magnet. Incognito be buggered.......
  3. Or perhaps inside a large balsa wood version of this odd looking person?

  4. Is that a new FIAT model?
  5. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Dunno, but I'm sure there's already a 1* post at the DPA, complete with extensive staff, who will be responsible for putting together the necessary specs for the "Cognito" in which the princes will travel in future!

  6. Oh yeah...honest I never "inhaled".... :D

  7. What the fcuk was that guy on????????? Last time my eyes looked like that .....this morning actually, but after a good few tots of rum last night! By fcuk, no wonder he's leaving! :D
  8. G'day all.

    I think the guy is getting a bit of the anti royal stick that some of you like to throw about.

    If he had gone, when all the newspapers in the world were saying that he was going, and to where, would you have liked to have put your life besides him?? I think not.

    If he had gone like his uncle before him, or all his great uncles and great, great uncles, without there where-abouts being told the exact position by the world press what chance did he or in fact his regiment have , as they have bombs big enough to make sure they got him if they knew he was withing five miles of an area.It wouldn't matter to them if he was dead or alive,

    I must congratulate the wonderful British Press for another stupendous P.R fcukup.


    I think the guy wanted to go, and remember there are plenty others who have actually refused to go, and we don't hear all this crap about them for weeks on end.

    here's something else to turn your minds to that you all fully understand, myself included.

  9. Rather unfortunate the two lads didn't go for the Senior Service, would have solved all the problems particularly in ' boats '.
  10. Rather unfortunate the two lads didn't go for the Senior Service, would have solved all the problems particularly in ' boats '.
  11. Regrettably not the case anymore hobbit. The number of Sandpit Sailors is increasing all the time. None of us can expect to remain at a safe distance anymore.

  12. Fair one Silver fox.
    Joined Raleigh in 94. Next thing I know I'm at CTC, Draft order says "Noted as non volunteer will stay at CTC until fit and of the correct mental attitude to pass the commando tests" So cheers Drafty will keep that till I go outside with sore knees!! 13 years in the Andrew, never served on a ship. Some kind of record i wonder?
  13. It's simple:
    Resign from the royal family then have your name changed by deed pole.
    After a while you will be able to go almost anywhere and nobody would really care.

  14. The best and most obvious solution for most of 'em BZ
  15. Well, considering who his natural parent's appear to be, there aint much blue blood there anyway.
    I for one aren't anti Royal, he's a pongo, he want's to go. He should.
    Bowing to the enemy blows.
  16. God! just lost breakfast!! AAC I'm of a delicate constitution???

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