Prince Harry appointed Captain General Royal Marines

Could he be their saviour?!?

Prince Harry has been Commodore-in-Chief Small Ships & Diving since 2006.

Prince Harry at DDS 31 Oct 2007.jpg

He is also a supporter of Project Vernon, the campaign to erect a monument at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth to commemorate the minewarfare & diving heritage of HMS VERNON which previously occupied the site. The monument will also act as a fitting memorial to those killed in the course of their duties and celebrate the achievements of RN and other personnel involved in minewarfare, diving and explosive ordnance disposal - past, present and future.

Prince Harry with Les Johnson and David Sandiford at Trinity House 19 Jul 2017 med.jpg

It is a little-known fact that bomb & mine disposal personnel trained at HMS VERNON (which was severely bombed itself) earned as many GCs and GMs for country-wide operations during the Second World War as the other two services combined. This work goes on and the Vernon Monument is intended to help give such people the tangible public recognition they deserve.

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