Prince empties Asda booze shelf

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. Good Effort that man! :D :D :D
  2. It was probably Batmans make and mend day.
  3. good to see he is spending our money wisely!
  4. Good skills, for a supposedly serving solider?
  5. Why is it OUR money?
  6. Good for him!

    Funny why they put down 1410 BST for shopping - BIG brother is watching!

    Maybe he could have got a discount at 1700 BST?
  7. Well its not all our money. They are minted of course (worth billions), but we (thats British taxpayers) still have to find 37 million a year (included are helicopter jollies by prince andrew at 600, 000). They spend 8 mill on staff. Thats 8 mill of our tax money (not out of their billions of course).

    The palaces (upkeeping them) costs 15 mill, but 2 million of that is funded by making us pay for the privelege of seeing how much better they are than us. The rest is funded by us. However, they want to increase this funding we give them by another mill. Thank fuck for that. I was worried then that my gran would almost have enough money to switch her heating on this year!

    Garden parties? Wizard! 600,000 thankyou. However, it will rise next time as the average of 14 items (per buffet plate) isn't considered enough.

    Transport is a bit of a wheeze. Without making them look awful... Euston to Perth by train? £31,000... Flights to Singapore & Oz? 200 large. She could have nipped to Thomas Cook and saved us a bit. Charter flight to the same places when she went was £478.67

    Prince Andrew... (sigh) A round trip from the Isle of Man to Scotland for a meeting of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club for the "driving-in" ceremony for the new golf club captain on 21-22 September last year. That cost us £11,555. Prince Andrew chartered a private jet to take him after the RAF plane broke down. No wait, it was less than that... He paid 155 quid out of his own pocket towards the cost.

    I will not go on, but you get the drift. Still, you have to love them don't you?
  8. Oh dear; no bitterness there then.
  9. Hmm, 40 BILLION per year to be in the EU ( 2005 SOURCE )

    Illegal immigrants asylum claims cost £1bn pa (SOURCE)

    In fact, use the above source for loads of examples of wastes of (mostly public) money.
    Notice that the Royal Family aren't listed ;)
    They are, in MY opinion, worth every penny they get.
  10. Certainly cheaper than the alternatives, and they self reproduce as well, there are always more of them coming along
  11. don't get me wrong comrades! I think we shoudl have a royal family. Look good on stamps and so on... and you cannot beat a royal funeral. But it would be top notch if we didn't have to pay for them. And would have respected wills a bit more if he had cleared the shelves of diamond white, instead of snorting like toffs do, shouting wizard and then marching upto the tills for a bit of Pimms O'clock!

    They are better than Mugabe though. But not as good as Enver Hoxha.
  12. I reckon you're peeved because you didn't get an invite. Anyway if he had cleared the shelves of diamond white thin of the abuse he would have got from the local chavs.
  13. oh feck... I never think these things through properly do I? No garden parties, chavs rioting due to cider shortages and Enver on our 5 pound notes! No thats not what I ordered...
  14. See you on the canal bank in an hour Sweeney, I forget is it my turn to buy the Diamond White or yours?

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