Prince Charles "saves" Ark Royal


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Loads of ships have had their name changed during building. Have a grub through back copies of Jane's to see.

"A senior Navy officer said it was virtually unheard of to change the name of a ship that was already being built."

What about HMS Eagle, was supposed to be HMS Audacious. and the last Ark was built as the "Irresistible".

It is not unheard of, they are just following "TRADITION"........
I've just read an article in the may edition of 'Warships' about Ark Royals, past and present. Its says that 'Ark Royal V was originally intended to be named 'Indomitable', but due to public outcry caused by the loss of the previous Ark Royal in 1980, which had become something of a national heroine due to the BBC series 'Sailor', the name was changed. There is also a suggestion in the article that there have been calls for one of the two new super carriers to 'carry the name forward into the 21st century


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Oh and HMS Highburton was to be HMS Blue Cockchafer - imagine going ashore with that written on your hat. Roars of applause I think. All the Tons were originally to have 'insect' names.


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Nothing against the good name of Ark Royal (I was as saddened as the next nozzer when we watched her pay-off in Guzz at the end of 78 ) but I would prefer to see the name HMS Prince of Wales revived.

Lets give the Ark a rest.... for now.
Why don't they call it..........HMS Prince Ark
HMS Ark Wales
HMS Royal Ark
Please indicate you preference in true AV fashion, Nick Clegg will announce the winner if he is still leader of the LibDems this time next week.

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