Primeval - wtf?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by SONAR-BENDER, Jun 23, 2012.

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  1. OK, so I see that 'Primeval' tonight would be about a submarine blah blah etc. Sat down and....... WTF?? Had the props/wardrobe departments EVER seen a submarine movie, let alone tried to construct one? The (4 ring, so must have been a bomber!) skipper had a MN cap badge with a red cross on it. The JRs were all 'officers' etc

    Sadly, I only watched until the 'team' went onboard where the planesman did nothing but letch at the totty, so at least they got THAT bit right! :toothy8:
  2. I note this bit of choice dialogue:

    "You know your submarines?".

    "I was in the Royal Marines; spent a bit of time underwater".

    "You were Army".

    "The Navy would have been my first choice".
  3. I must have bailed out by then!!
  4. You didn't last very long then, that bit is 6 minutes into the programme!

    Check it out - when you see who says the line "You were in the Army", you will be surprised.
  5. Well I watched the first bit, " give me full tilt on the planes" "all ahead one third" :shock:

    Methinks the script writers have been watching too many septic movies although they at least got the names of two classes of boats correct :iconbiggrin:

    edited to add "and no engineers onboard". I love to have seen the dabbers back aft preparing for sea and operating the donks!
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2012
  6. It continued it's nonsense with the bloke wearing PO's epaulettes describig himself as a Midshipman.
  7. Flood and vent the torpedo room???? Mini submarine deploys from bottom of boat??? Ability to find the moved fuse panel???? And where was the XO??? Lol
  8. That was ace.

    A gay Chief/Midshipman/Officer(?), two scruffy civil servants and a wipeable bint prove that the perisher course is a piece of piss after all.

    You cheeky submariner chaps kept the Thunderbird 4 type thing quiet as well didn't you? Well your secret's out now - ner ner.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2012
  9. Aside from all the howlers regarding the RN, RM, submarines, etc., I thought the script was entirely credible. :)

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