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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, May 27, 2011.

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  1. I voted for this guy to get rid of the mess we were in with Broon handing money everywhere but to his own people,now this prat has lost my vote for ever and I suspect a lot of the UK people will feel the same.
    My neighbours meals on wheels has been stopped because of cuts yet this Eton poser gives away our cash hand over fist,India biggest recipient for God's sake now Egypt and other Arabs states! Are we mad? he might like to peruse the fact my neighbour fought at Arnhem with the Para's, still he can tuck in to his posh lunches whilst signing more cash away,other countries are not giving but these good old rich boys don't care.
    I know we must help the poor, but no matter what he does in the future he's lost it from me.
    Sorry for ranting but I'm bloody really annoyed,I'll make sure the old couple are looked after but it's no thanks to this media attention grabber.
    PS.Prime minister,your jokes are purile!
  2. UK doles out more aid than any other country

    By Tim Shipman in Deauville, France
    27 May 2011, 8:28am

    Full article here:

    It's a bloody disgrace as Cameron decimates our Armed Forces he doles out our money to boost his already over inflated ego, as I have said before it appears that we are destined to be governed by complete idiots.
  3. The biggest problem, in my opinion, is actually not the amount we spend in foreign aid (though I do think we are overdoing it) but more the fact that we are throwing it at the wrong people who have demonstrated time and again that they are not to be trusted as recipients of aid funding because they simply lavish their own budgets on weapons and the like while relying on the UK and others to fund their social programmes.

    This isn't just a Cameron/Clegg issue either, we have been far too quick to throw open the sweetie jar for far too many years trying to buy friends and allies at the expense of worthy causes at home in the vain hope that it will make us more secure. It hasn't worked, it isn't working and it won't work so let's stop doing it.
  4. I am another who is far from impressed about the way our government tells us on the one hand we're skint and belts have to be tightened then doles out millions of pounds to governments and even prospective governments abroad.I can only think that the hope is this money or a sizeable lump of it will come back to the UK by way of orders for UK made goods or services.
    Whatever it is I think it is time the country was told what is going on with our cash and why it is given away abroad when it could do so much good if it was spent at home.
  5. It's a nonsense, as Rudyard Kipling so rightly said, 'If you pay Danegeld you will never get rid of the Dane'.

    Or in the words of Ron Paul US Congressman, 'Overseas aid is taking money from poor people in rich countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries.'
  6. There are political parties out there who agree with your opinion. However, it may need a sharp take of breath to make the change.
  7. Go on, give us a hint.
  8. I'll let you do some Googling but how about the "Britain First" group?

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