Price of Wales emblem heirloom - what is it?


Hi all.

Haven't posted for a while, but would be grateful for some help please, identifying a very small object which has passed down to me.

My only Navy connection is that my grand-father joined at Chatham in 1911 and was discharged in 1930 something, but was recalled for the war, and died in 1947. Allegedly he walked from Dover to join with his mate.

The only thing that makes me think that this object was his is that it has the Prince of Wales feathers on it, and he served on Repulse for the Royal world cruise in 1924/25. Not that I'm suggesting that HRH had the leading stoker up for tea and cigars under the canopy. Well, maybe...

Even so, I still don't know what it actually is!

Many thanks!

Pictures here:


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War Hero
I wonder whether various silver tableware items were taken on board, dishes, cutlery etc by the PoW's staff and this came off something like a teaspoon.

It doesn't seem to have a pin or similar and so I don't think that it could have been worn.

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