Previous Defence Reviews & Cuts

DLs has been understandably ignored somewhat since 1400/2.00pm today.

On a lighter note - What has been the best and/or worst of previous 'Defence Reviews'?

Invergordon springs to mind........
Always found the John Knott vs Admiral Sir Henry Leach showdowns both over the Falklands Campaign and Knotts proposed cuts fascinating and would love to have been a fly on the wall during some of those debates
Cuts of the 1960's.

The Labour government, convinced by the Royal Air Force that a situation would never arise where there wasn't a friendly airfield capable of hosting British aircraft during a conflict, cancelled Britain’s fleet carrier replacement programme.*

The cancellation of CVA-01 and CVA-02 (to be named Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh) not only wasted money, time and effort but it also lead to the cancellation of seven of the eight Type 82 destroyers designed to escort these carriers.

HMS BRISTOL was the only one Type 82 built.

As Helo operating vessels were needed, instead of real 'Carriers', up popped up the 'through deck cruisers': Invincible, Illustrious and the Ark Royal. The rest is more recent history.

Oh, and sometime a little earlier, the five originally planned POLARIS Boats had suddenly dropped to just four......

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