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Previous broken bones, can they stop me getting in?


Hi all,

I have recently applied to join the Royal Navy and have had my interview which was successful. Next, is my medical triage and assessment, however with me being involved with a lot of sports as a kid, mainly rugby I have had a few injuries, including;
Broken ankle,
Broken thumb,
Broken wrist,
Dislocated shoulder.

Since these injuries some of them being almost 10 years ago I have made full recoveries from all and it has never hindered me in the slightest and I still play rugby now. I have no metal or fixations in place as a result of these injuries (Pins, screws or plates etc...). I was just wondering if any of you have any information as to whether I would be successful in the medical part of the application or if these may hinder me at all?

Any help is appreciated.


Pats Nation

As long as you are honest and you can back up through your GP that your previous injuries do not cause you any issues today you will be fine.

It will just take a while to prove this through the GP and Capita. You will probably be TMU’d (Temporarily Medically Unfit) then have to appeal by providing evidence to back up your claims. It took me 6 months to prove I was fit, I’ve also broken bones and had all sorts of injuries.

Best of luck with your application, be sure to update us as it proves useful to future candidates. Also use the Search function as many before you have appealed a TMU decision and been successful.

Have a read of this..

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