Pretending to be a Royal Marine?

Posting on here following some stories heard last year about a bloke in East Anglia who gives it large about being a RM Commando and Special Forces. I heard this from people at an Airsoft site called Urban Assault near Huntingdon I went to last year for a mates stag do. According to my mate who sometimes goes to the site he's still coming out with some very dodgy stories trying to impress everyone.

If anyone is interested in following this up I'll message them all the details about him.

ta Whistle
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ok right I get you, I'll get my mate to ask him when he next goes up to the site. I'm told this bloke is up there most Saturdays.
Guzzler, can you confirm his initials??

Wet blobby, watch yes, not sure about the naked bar :) I've shared all the info I've been told.
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