Preston, RMR Manchester and joining advice [Noob]

Evening Gents,

Was hoping someone might be able to help me:

I'm wanting to join RMR after toying with it for longer than I care to remember - remember toying with the idea back when I was at University even! - and was hoping for some advice.

Basically after graduating I lived in Japan and then came back to England, joining the Police becoming specialised in Traffic, Defensive Tactics and Special Branch. I left the cops to pursue business interests but I SOOOOOOOOO need something more, and think I always will, hate the idea of the whole 9-5 desk jockey thing. I have done a fair amount of research from various websites etc and have emailed the Manchester Unit for more info etc with no response as yet (I know that Merseyside may be closer, but I'd prefer Manchester).

Luckily I have a wife who has given me the green light to go for it, so in that sense I have some support (albeit rather reticent as I know she'd prefer me not to) and I'm keen to get things started. What I'd like to know is a little more information from people who are already there doing it, and the whole balance with the work side of things - my current employer gives unpaid leave for courses etc which is great but I'm expecting to get a new job in January on a two year contract which will see me based in Sheffield and Oxford as well as Manchester and I don't really know how that would sit with being assigned to a particular unit - for example if I have to spend 4 weeks in Sheffield would I be able to attend the local Unit near there for the weeknight parade etc or would I always have to attend the Manchester one? This will form the basis of whether I accept this job or not (although my wife won't see it that way as it's an extra £15k...)

So, to some questions - apologies if these have been asked elsewhere, I did have a look first:

- Can any specialisms gained be transferred or help towards a specialism in the RMR? EG my advanced driver training etc?
- Likelihood of being deployed and for how long?
- If you're identified as a potential officer, what is the process there?
- How have you helped convince partners or at least help them worry less about what you're doing etc?
- Has anyone had negative experiences with their employer as a result of being in RMR?
- Likewise positive? Did look at that SaBRE website but real experiences would be welcomed
- How much realistic committment is expected?
- What's the best way of getting in touch with the Manchester branch and getting the ball rolling (I'm not getting any younger!)
- How many people attend on an evening, and do you get many new people?

I appreciate there's lots of questions here, but with all these answered I can start getting things moving forward properly!

Thanks again everyone,

Andy :afro:


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Cant answer all of your questions however

1. Get the ball rolling by calling the recruiting Sgt ( based in Liverpool ) on 0800 783 9529 if you dont get through keep trying
2. Next intake is Sept 09 however holding troop stars March 09
3. There is no point in joining the RMR if you dont want to go on operations as this is inevitable.
4. Think about getting your beret first before being identifed as a potential officer as this will be at least five years down the line and after at least one operational tour
5. Skills sets are transferable - however you will need to complete the coresponding military course(s) before qualification
6. if you join MANDET - which by the way is one of the best RMR Dets , you must train there you cant split your training between units are they are running recruit training at different times of the year

if you are really interested , as i said make the call and get the ball rolling - you will eventually be invited down to attend a presentation evening where everything will be explained to you with no obligation which will allow you to make an informed decision - your best opportunity will be after the presentation evening where you can speak to the guys in the bar in an informal atmosphere

good luck and keep us posted
Hi - thanks very much for the response

Will definitely giev Merseyside a call and get things started - being March will give me plenty of time to get into shape ;o)

I knew that being posted is inevitable, and that's something I'm keen to do: it was more the average length of an op so I can inform employers and spouse properly

But thanks again - you've answered the main points I was looking for and it's really helped.



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dog_3074 said:
Hi - thanks very much for the response
I knew that being posted is inevitable, and that's something I'm keen to do: it was more the average length of an op so I can inform employers and spouse properly
6 month tours, though if you finished continuation training say 2 months into an ongoing RM tour, then you might join a full-time Troop late in the tour and thus only do 4 month or what-have-you.

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